05 November 2010

girlfriends, the key to a long life?

Can having girlfriends cause us to live longer?

I was reading an old issue of Oprah magazine, (which, by the way, is very substantive reading), and caught an article about womens' friendships and how important they are to us gals.
Apparently, women value their friendships much more than men do. They take them more seriously, sincerely care about what's going on in the lives of their women friends and feel a genuine need for regular sisterly togetherness.
 The article said women who have viable friendships throughout their lives, in particular as they grow older, tend to live longer and suffer from less illness than women who don't have many confidants. Having friends you see regularly helps to reduce stress, improve the immune system and offers a support system that can rival the ear of even the most qualified psychiatrist. Seems women have figured it out, or maybe it's just something hardwired in us from the beginning of time. Women need the company of women just because.

I can speak from my own experiences. At this point in my life I have a handful of friends I know I can count on. They bring me incredible joy and their place in my life is immeasurable. Because I'm a very open and frank person, I find it incredibly satisfying to be able to tell my friends what's on my mind, no matter what. They are like my therapists. They also make me laugh, help me through tough times and celebrate the happy times and being with them just makes me feel healthier.
 When I was younger and while I was raising my kids, I didn't have near the friends I have now. Of course my children were my main focus, and even then I still managed to have two regular friends, both with the name Cindy. Only one Cindy has remained. I've since lost contact with the other, having moved to a new town. Now that my kids are almost grown and my husband works at home, I have more time to foster my friendships. I can tell you these women are very important elements in my life. I have a Girlfriend Friday group which consists of about 8 women who have known me since the early grades of grammar school. We meet once a month and make it a point to never miss a Friday. We look forward to a meal together and a night of sitting around the table just talking and catching up on each others' lives. The laughter is infectious on these Friday nites. My other group of friends are the women I met on the internet about 6 years ago through a Delphi forum. These women all share my interests in doll making and crafting/sewing. We have gathered together many times for crafting getaways where we all sit at a table with our sewing machines, laugh, sip on cocktails and share our stories and lives with each other. We also hit the antique shops and flea markets to seek out our favorite vintage treasures. The projects we work on are just something to keep our hands busy while we enjoy our time together. The laughter alone from any of these groups probably adds a week to my life each time I see them. When I'm with them, I feel better. My whole soul just sings when I'm with my girlfriends. Nothing beats the sisterhood of women.
 Just over the last 6 years or so girlfriends have really become an integral part of my life. My friends are simply fabulous. There are things I can divulge to them I could never tell my husband. Their time spent with me is something I treasure. I want these women to grow old with me....to be there all through the coming years. I hope we'll all be around for a long time because between us all there is enough laughter to keep us going for a long time--and hopefully healthy for the next 30 years.

So, let me ask you...have you hugged your girlfriend today?

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  1. I also feel the frioendships I've made with other wimmin are not only appreciated, but important in my life. It saddens me that a specific friendship I had with someone deteriorated badly when she refused to respect my wishes about not becoming involved in any kind of religion. Both her & her husband became 're-born' & all they've done is replace one bad addiction with another. 17yrs of friendship went down the tubes because I wouldn't be 'saved' (give me a break!!)
    I have an extremely important friend, whom I met several years ago - she's non judgemental & accepts me for who I am - that in itself means heaps to me.
    Because of the industry Mike's in, I don't get to 'settle down' for long periods of time & friendships are few & far between. I've met a bunch of ladies now & we get together once a week for a cuppa & chin-wag, which is nice, but no real friendships have developed. The one woman who helped save my sanity in the early days here has now left & I'm so jealous!
    My online friends on the other hand are wonderful & the one I'm writing this comment to deserves an award for being a wonderful woman!

    I shall finish my email to you after I've made the coffee LOL!

  2. Exactly! I totally agree! It's like THERAPY! Where would we be without 'em?

  3. Great post. For me, I always say, "There's no friends like old friends." And I have three from high school, that are still friends for 30 years. However, I have met quite a few wonderful friends blogging! Even if I gave up blogging, these are people that I would still email to stay in their lives because they are lovely people. Yes, your post hit the nail on the head: Friends are wonderful...
    P.S. I became your newest Follower! And thanks for becoming my newest! ;)

  4. I so agree it's important to have women friends whether old or new.

  5. Great post - I am the newest follower (from social parade). I love my girlfriends and very much feel a void when I haven't seen them in awhile!
    Feel free to check me out - greendoordesigns.blogspot.com :)

  6. Such a great post! I completely agree!
    New follower from FF. Also We would love to be added to your list of blog hops. We have a new blog hop called Feed Me Friday for email subscription and gfc follow. Thanks!


  7. No, I haven't hugged my BFF today but I have talked to her! Excellent post!

  8. Hi there, new follower from the hop. Stop by and say hi sometime. Look forward to reading more!


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  10. I totally agree. We women need one another. In a totally different way than we need our men. We want to be understood and listened to and valued. Great post!

  11. Nothing is better than girlfriends!

    1. yes.you are right!i also have the same view

  12. Hi, just a note to say your blog looks absolutely fabulous and also as a thank you note.

    I stumbled on your blog looking something to cheer up a girlfriend of mine who is undergoing some man-problems. When I started reading this post (& "wow"ing your blog pictures), I immediately cut and paste this weblink straight to her FB page! So I thank you for writing up for us ladies on the need of our close nit group girlfriends.

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