13 November 2010

Sparkling Cranberry Rose

Today I've joined Beverly at Pink Saturday. If pink is your thing click here!

Here is a great recipe for entertaining.  It looks and tastes great!

  • 8 to 10 sugar cubes
  • 1 to 1-1/4 cups cranberry juice
  • 1 750-milliliter bottle sparkling rosé wine, champagne, or sparkling white grape juice
  • Fresh cranberries (optional)
1. Place one sugar cube in the bottom of 8 to 10 chilled champagne flutes or other tall, narrow glasses. Pour 2 tablespoons cranberry juice into each glass.
2. Fill each glass with sparkling rose wine or champagne. 

If desired, place a wooden skewer of fresh cranberries in each glass.
Makes 8 to 10 servings.

            Happy Pink S aturday !


  1. I've never tried this with sugar in it, but years ago my dad taught me a similiar recipe by pouring the glass 1/3 full with cranberry juice and filling with ginger ale or club soda.

    Will have to try it with the sugar as that might cut down on the bitterness factor I don't always like about cranberry anything.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Now that looks delish and beautifully pink. sandie

  3. oh, this sounds yummy!! I love cranberries - the color, the flavor and it is the perfect post for Pink Saturday!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Oh my!! I have to try this.. The pictures are awesome!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. That looks so pretty and yummy too. I read another post today for a cranberry torte!

    Happy PS,

  6. That sounds gorgeous for our hot summer days! Thanks. Hope you're still receiving my feeds as I changed urls to: http://kangaroosofthescrubbybush.blogspot.com. Merrilyn's latest joey is a boy and I put some pictures up in the last post.

  7. YUM! That is sooo pretty! And so is your blog!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  8. This seems really delicious. Yum yum. Thanks.