28 June 2010

Red hair beauty!

Bonjour my dear friends,
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From auburn and crimson to copper, redheads are a rarity—some figures put them at between 1 and 2% of the world’s population—which is perhaps what makes them so prized. Those women sporting red locks, which are most common in Northern Europe, mainly England, Scotland and Ireland, also usually have pale, freckly sun-sensitive complexions.  I love red hair.  Do you? Lately I have been considering getting red highlights.   Here is a selection of models chosen at random because of their beautiful red hair.  I'm not sure if they are all natural redheads but they still look great!  Happy Ruby Tuesday!

So many hues...but all so beautiful!


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 I always wondered what contentment looks like,  I finally found it!!!. I had been looking for it for so many years. I read so many books on trying to find it, I also looked inside trying to find it by doing meditation and yoga, by talking to others such as therapists.  Even after all this effort I still felt I had not captured it. I kept wondering what it really looked like.  I googled it and found this poster. I finally found a poster that reveals what contentment looks like.  Here it is:


27 June 2010

Revisiting Dr Pinsky!

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I need a consultation with Dr. Pinsky before this happens to me:

It looks like I'm not the only one with an addiction.  Take a look at this article:

"An annual report from a Catholic counseling service claims computer games are partly to blame for complicating wedded bliss. Troubled home life? Blame the Internet if you're using it to do work, , gamble and of course, play computer games...

 According to the Irish Examiner, the counseling service said the number of people experiencing marital problems "because of Internet use" surged 87.5 per cent from 2007 to 2009. What's more, 15 per cent of the service's clients face "huge difficulties" because of Internet-related activity."

Hi Dear Friends,

Yikes!  Blogging was not mentioned as a problem here.  PHEW!  I'm happy I will not be part of the statistics with "marital problems".   I still think I need to write Dr. Pinsky a letter;  at least, to examine my blogging behavior.  What do you think constitutes normal versus abnormal blogging behavior?  My weakness is that I spend too much time blogging.  There should be a gadget or device that would warn the blogger that his or her time is up:
LADY AT COMPUTER Pictures, Images and Photos  Well maybe not as extreme.  Anyway, Dr. Pinsky, can you come to my house?  Heavy blogging workload prevents me from leaving my home at this point....

blogger barbie Pictures, Images and 

EmmaK said...
Well you need to do this if you have a flatmate or partner living with you. My husband password protects the computer so I have to go to library to use it - and what with the undesirables and mental people here I only last about an hour!! If I was left at home with the comp well things would definitely take a turn for the worse. Blogging addiction is even worse than drinking or drugs because the internet is 'free' and you don't have to go out and score crack but if you can't control yourself get someone to control you lol!!
A 2 Z said...
I will take your advice. I saw your You Tube video of your rehab stint in some exotic place. You had a cabbage leaf on your head. I laughed so much. But at the same I was relating so well to what you said. I agree that its very addictive. Minutes turn to hours...Thanks for stopping by Emma! Hope you come back soon! I need my daily fix...LOL
Ashley Mutschler said...
Thanks for stopping by from SITS! It sounds like we've got a lot in common! I love your site! I'll definately be stopping by more :)
tds said...
Oooh. Does Dr. Pinsky do housecalls? I think that would be more of a marital threat than computer time, personally. Interesting that social networks (facebook, etc) and CraigsList didn't make the list of Internet threats, too. Thanks for stopping by from SITS ;-)
A 2 Z said...
Hi Ashley, Thanks for your visit! Hi TDS, Yes, I agree, he's not hard to look at. I think when they talk about internet overuse my understanding is that they are including all my favorites: facebook, etc... Maybe I'm wrong.
Dumbwit Tellher said...
Ashley you are hilarious. I could certainly see where blogging could be the next deterrent to wedded bliss. I know I spend way too much time online but to be honest if I don't read or comment on fellow bloggers posts I tend to feel some anxiety. My high-schooler said the other day that my face is always in the computer & that was a wake-up call. So I had try to set limits so real life does not pass me bye. I so love Blogger Barbie! Great post and wishing you a happy weekend. x
Natasha said...
I had such a busy week last week and didn't get to blog and boy, did I miss it! Maybe I am addicted!! I hope you don't mind but I have a little award waiting for you at my blog. Best wishes for a wonderful week, Natasha.

23 June 2010

W for wisdom and wonder

People can be enlightened at any time and at any stage in their lives. They just have to be willing to accept it when a window of opportunity opens up. It is a gift when a person feels enlightened. When a person wishes to  deliver enlightenment it is usually one who truly loves and respects the person wise and worthwhile enough to receive it. Enlightenment isn't always welcomed and can make things worse at times, especially when family is involved. Families tend to shy and wrestle away from enlightenment and stick their heads in the sand and say "Oh that's just the way so-and-so is." Or the family walks around on eggshells not wanting to upset anyone as to create unwanted wars. In order for families to heal well and give them new wings they need to communicate to mend old wounds. Yes, we might feel weepy... a good look at oneself isn't easy. It might feel like things are worse for a while and we feel like withdrawing although in the end a weight can be lifted and life can be enjoyed once again.

This is my sanity prayer or mantra. Its given me wings when life feels wrong and I feel like a wreck:

grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change
the courage to change
the things I can and
the wisdom to know
the difference.

Hope you enjoyed my W post.  I have to stop now as I'm getting a writer's cramp..... 

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21 June 2010

Conchita, la very rich bitch!!!

You have to love Conchita's RED wig!

                                        WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!
 Pampered doesn’t quite cover it. While some dogs might be prone to biting the odd slipper, this one actually choked on her own Cartier necklace. And now Conchita, known to her family as The Boss, refuses to wear diamonds any more because of the mishap.
  She has her own special pink racing car bed, bathroom and TV, and lunches daily on fresh grilled chicken breast at the exclusive Shore Club in Miami.
With weekly manicures, her own minder and publicist, this one-year-old  (1lb) chihuahua is living the dog life equivalent of Paris Hilton’s existence.  

In March, Conchita, the pet Chihuahua, was left with a $3 million trust fund and a Miami Beach mansion by her recently deceased owner, Gail Posner.  Her son, Bret Carr ,  is contesting the will......

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