28 September 2010

Just a wall !

I know its just a wall....I took a picture of this wall that belongs to a building of a small university in Bamberg, Germany last year.  I was standing on a bridge and I could not resist taking a picture of this building.  I'm not sure how they did this as the building is surrounded by water.  Go figure!  When there is a will there is a way!

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26 September 2010

Atta Girl

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23 September 2010


Last year I moved to Doha, Qatar.  My husband and I rented a small apartment right next to the Four Seasons. We had a very small budget.  While he was at work I went shopping (of course). I shopped in different souks and malls and here are a few pictures of what I bought to furnish our tiny apartment.
The forbidden table! (no drinking allowed in a Muslim country! Shhh!

A lot of the furnishings are inspired by India (they also import from China). They love gold and red.  I'm usually not a flashy person but I thought that the mirror would brighten the apartment.

One thing you probably know about living in the Middle-East is that it is extremely hot and humid.  The only time we can actually stay outside a bit is at night.  As you travel by car in Doha you can see many parks catering to children.  They are usually empty.  If you drive around 10:00pm or later at night you will find that the parks are full of children.  Its understandable but its just weird to see so many mothers (all dressed in black veils) playing with their toddlers in the middle of the night.  While walking around in a beautiful souk I found these beautiful Indian lanterns.  Just the thing to brighten our tiny balcony.

We had a beautiful view of the Arabian ocean.  The boats just rest there during the day because its just too hot to even go out in them but come night time when its time to sleep......everybody is out enjoying themselves while we poor expats need to get some rest to confront  the unbelievable traffic in Doha each morning (that's another story).

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21 September 2010


I traveled to Luxembourg in the spring and was very much surprised by its multi-level design. When you first drive in it looks very chic with hotels, banking institutions and fancy buildings, then you drive down in a sort of spiral and each level seems to belong to a different century. It is surreal as you navigate your car slowly to see a very old European city emerge with beautiful old mansions. At the top you feel like the 21st century and as you drive down the many levels you end up driving on small cobble street roads to finally arrive in a picturesque town from the Middle Ages.   Hope you like this picture I took of the many bicycles as well as the castle-like structure at a higher level.

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20 September 2010

Bamberg , Germany

I was in Bamberg, Germany recently and I could not resist taking this picture of this blue building.
At the street level there are boutiques and offices at the higher level. I thought of Sally when I saw it. It almost looks like it's made of Wedgewood china. For those of you not familiar with Wedgewood here are 2 beautiful vases made of this type of pottery.

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19 September 2010

The last roses!

This a picture of the last roses to bloom in my garden this season.  Nights are becoming more chilly.  They are heavy from the last rainfall last week.  I felt like cutting them and putting them in a pretty vase as to protect them from the cold nights but I changed my mind.  I left them out on the front lawn so that the many people walking by  can enjoy the few remaining flowers  before the big chill.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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14 September 2010

Bruges, Belgium

While in Bruges (Belgium) last fall I could not help but stare at this beautiful lace dress in the window.  I love lace, especially when it's handmade.  I bought a few pieces. Our Canadian money was worth less last year.   Its rather expensive but you should see the finished results.  Bruges is renowned the world over for its lace.  This dress is not for sale but I can just imagine the time it took to complete.

  There is a section of Bruges where one can find many stores that specialized in lace.  My husband was not too interested but I was mesmerised by the beautiful details.  Here are a few more pictures of what I saw:

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13 September 2010

Doha, Qatar

I was living in Qatar on and off for the last 2 years.  Qatar is in the Middle-East right next to Oman and Saudi Arabia.  While there I tried to take as many pictures as I could.  There is this one Iranian restaurant in a downtown souk that my husband and I kept going back to.  The atmosphere was excellent and the food and service were great.  Here is a picture of one of the servers.  She was nice enough to let us take a picture.  She had such a great smile.  The other picture is of my husband and one of my girlfriends  smiling for kid kodak.  The red gobelets are for water only....

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09 September 2010

Violet is sexy !

Violet just happens to be my favorite color.  It has many attributes and qualities.  Let's see....

Its a mixture of blue and red!

Violet signifies calm, kindness, passion and intelligence.

If you are into Tarot it symbolizes new beginnings.

In psychology violet is the color of fusion (between 2 hearts).

In other spheres violet is also used to indicate sadness and is widely used during funerals.

In France, they used to attach a violet stone around the necks of children to make them obedient and protect them from illness.

It is the color of the 7th chakra which is the color for the transition from the yang to the yin.  It is used to stimulate women sexually while men use red!

The catholic churches use it extensively during funerals and Good Friday!

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06 September 2010

Fall in love!

Autumn may just be my favorite time of year in MontrĂ©al. There's this contagious surge of energy as people roll back into town and get back to business, and a wave of exciting exhibits, shows, and new movies fill the events guides. Then there's that hint of the approaching winter, and walks in the crisp air. It's a heady mix. 

My top 2 favorites things are walks in the crisp air and Thanksgiving but then there is the new fashion line and hot cups of chocolate....
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