31 May 2010

I saw red flames!

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I live in a small town...bordering Montreal.  I heard an unusual amount of sirens on this Friday evening. Then when I turned on the water to do the dishes (and make a jello salad for  tomorrow) I realized I hardly had any water pressure. I decided it was time to check out the situation because that fire had to be nearby to effect my water pressure. My daughter and I got on our bikes and went over a block from ours and sure enough there was a house fire down the street. Every entrance to the street was blocked off by flashing police vehicles. Nobody was home at the time of the fire, but the crazy thing is it was being shingled when the fire was discovered. The guys noticed an odor and then later noticed flames coming out a vent. Half the town stood around for an hour or so...Friday night excitement in a small town. Shortly after coming home it rained hard for about 10 minutes. I hope the rain helped extinguish the fire.
As I watched those flames and pieces of the roof fall to the ground I couldn't help but think of the family and what they are losing this evening. I know its only "stuff"...but it's all their "stuff". One of the benefits of living in a small town is that everybody pulls together and helps their neighbors. I've witnessed this many times. I'm going to bed tonight thankful for having my home, a bed to sleep in, and all my "stuff" that stresses me out. (Although, bed is going to have to wait because I'm waiting for the jello to congeal so I can add the fruit.)
If you could save one personal possession from your burning house what would it be? I bet most people say pictures...and in my case my laptop (that's where my pictures are).

If you come to Canada

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 If you come to Canada make sure to visit The Butchart Gardens situated in Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Its a beautiful scenic ferry ride from the city of Vancouver.  On  the ferry boats you will see killer whales, snow covered mountains and the ocean dotted with small islands. While visiting Victoria dont miss the number one attraction:  The Butchart Gardens.  The Gardens have been designed to please the eye and generally delight the senses. It could be the pale green of emerging leaves in spring, complemented by brilliant pink or white flowers of trees; the dazzling bedding plants framed in by sweeping lawns, with the treat to the nose of a waft of a thousand scents of summer;  Here is a minute long video outlining what to expect during your visit:

I lived in Victoria for 2 years and cried when I left to return to Montreal.  I still miss it!
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30 May 2010

What happened in YOUR birth year?

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I'm participating in 2 blog hops today: Sunday Favorites and Getting to know you. Scroll down to find out more!  Dont forget to leave a comment way at the bottom!

I found this site where if you click your birth year it will detail everything of importance that happened especially the fact that your marvelous self was born that year.  I found out what movies were playing, what best sellers people were reading, what top songs were playing, what wars were being fought and of course that technology was non-existent during that decade.  It made me feel so ancient and it's  also a fact that my own kids keep reminding me of, everyday, without fail.  Did I ever do the same thing to my own parents?  If I did, I'm sorry! 
So go ahead click on it, you won't be disappointed....

Click right HERE to see what happened in YOUR birth year?

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28 May 2010

Smart, skillful and sexy!

Today I'm using adjectives starting with S to describe a young painter, Eugen Chisnicean (25).  He has been described as a virtuoso by some.  I would like to describe his artwork as:


Paris Hilton would probably describe  Eugen Chisnicean,  as hot but because I'm participating in a letter S  blog hop, I will have to use the adjective "sexy" or should I be more subtle?.  Well, you be the judge:
If you are feeling a bit warm by all his charm have a look at this winter landscape to cool you down!

Now have a look at some other watercolor paintings;  just remember he is only 25! These are scenes (landscapes) from the Bordeaux region in France.

Its really silly of me to be so excited but if you are interested in seeing more of his artwork, you can visit his website at www.eugenchisnicean.com .  He is also on Facebook and yes I'm a serious fan! 

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24 May 2010

Did you hug your girlfriend today?

Happy Ruby Tuesday!   I'm sharing a painting from a Facebook Friend Bitsy Gibson.  Apples with Basket is made with acrylics.  Ms. Gibson is a photorealism artist.  Her play with light and shadow is well represented in this painting. At first, I really thought it was a photo and I had to enlarge it to finally see the brush strokes. Its really amazing!  
I really value her talent.  I'm happy I was able to get to know her with the help of Facebook.  Nowadays, its becoming really easy for us to develop friendships by means of the internet.   We will probably never meet our internet friends in person but they can become just as important as our very close friends.  I will never get to hug Bitsy and thank her for creating this beautiful painting  but I will make a point of hugging the ones that I can.  Why?  

I was reading an old issue of Oprah magazine, (which, by the way, is very substantive reading), and caught an article about women's friendships and how important they are to us gals.  Apparently, women value their friendships much more than men do. They take them more seriously, sincerely care about what's going on in the lives of their women friends and feel a genuine need for regular sisterly togetherness.
The article said women who have viable friendships throughout their lives, in particular as they grow older, tend to live longer and suffer from less illness than women who don't have many confidants. Having friends you see regularly helps to reduce stress, improve the immune system and offers a support system that can rival the ear of even the most qualified psychiatrist. Seems women have figured it out, or maybe it's just something hardwired in us from the beginning of time. Women need the company of women just because.

I can speak from my own experiences. At this point in my life I have a handful of friends I know I can count on. They bring me incredible joy and their place in my life is immeasurable. Because I'm a very open and frank person, I find it incredibly satisfying to be able to tell my friends what's on my mind, no matter what. They are like my therapists. They also make me laugh, help me through tough times and celebrate the happy times and being with them just makes me feel healthier.
HEART gif Pictures, Images and PhotosWhen I was younger and while I was raising my kids, I didn't have near the friends I have now. Of course my children were my main focus, and even then I still managed to have two regular friends,  When I'm with them, I feel better. My whole soul just sings when I'm with my girlfriends. Nothing beats the sisterhood of women.
Just over the last 6 years or so, girlfriends have really become an integral part of my life. My friends are simply fabulous. There are things I can divulge to them I could never tell my husband. Their time spent with me is something I treasure. I want these women to grow old with me....to be there all through the coming years. I hope we'll all be around for a long time because between us all there is enough laughter to keep us going for a long time--and hopefully healthy for the next 30 years.
So, let me ask you...have you hugged your girlfriend today?
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What a Rose Can Say

A rose can say I love you
And want you to be mine,
a rose can say I thank you
For being so very kind,

A rose can say congratulations,
Whatever the occasion may be,
a rose can say I miss you
And wish you were here with me,

can say I'm sorry
If I've hurt you in any way,
a rose can say get well soon,
May God bless you today?

A rose can say I wish you happiness,
And the best for you each day.
A rose can say farewell
When someone goes away,

A rose can say hello,
I'm thinking of you today,
there are just so many wonderful things
That a rose can say,

A rose can say goodbye
When a love one is laid to rest,
No matter what there is to say,
A rose can say it best. 

Poetry by Anthony James
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getting to know you!

Today I'm linking up with Keely at GETTING TO KNOW YOU   To join you just need to answer a few easy personal questions:

Do you have a fetish?

This could mean many things....I will have to ponder on this one....

2. Do you sing in the shower?

I just take baths and usually fall asleep while I'm in the tub.

3. Who was your first crush?

I was 15 and met a French guy from France. I loved the way he spoke words of love to me. He would call me "mon petit lapin" (my little bunny).  He was much older and my mother did not approve and so he went back home and I cried....  I was soooo in love.

4. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?

Compassion, hands down.  Especially if you marry him and have kids.

5. Do you sleep naked?

No, and I'm not sure why?  I guess I'm thinking what if there was a fire or any type of emergency I would not like the neighbors to see me naked.   It's cold in Canada and running outside in minus 30 is enough to have me wear a nightgown at all times. LOL

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?

Check my eye make-up.  Its almost an obsession or

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?

Check to see if I have any messages.

8. Summer is....................?
Warm summer rain, cicadas singing when its hot, nice cool drinks, BBQ with friends and family, short road trips, gardening, mosquitoes, getting a shorter haircut, struggling  to wear a bathing suit in front of my family and friends and promise myself that next summer I will be skinnier....LOL 

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Painting by Nancy Rhodes Harper
Painting by Nancy Rhodes Harper.

22 May 2010


Sunday blessings to all.  Today I'm joining Chari at Sunday Favorites.  Its designed to share a favorite  post from the past.  I think its a great idea!  If you want to join just click here.  
In this particular blog hop we were asked to share something from our childhood:

As far as childhood memories go, mine are wrapped around ballet.  As far as I can remember, I danced. My childhood was about going to ballet classes or getting ready to go for a class.  I loved it!  If my mother would have let me I would have gone every day, all day.  That's how much I loved dancing.   I loved the smell of the studio, the pianist playing all the beautiful classical music, the pink shoes, the pink tights, my black leotard, my neat hair bun and all of my patient beautiful ballet teachers.  I lived for dancing.  I had a really happy childhood thanks to dancing.
Eventually, I became a ballet teacher.  I had my own school and enjoyed teaching all the young want-to-be ballerinas.  I also was able to join a ballet company:  Les Ballets Métropolitains de Montréal.  It was the best time of my life.  It was fun traveling and putting on "Les spectacles de ballet".  It was my dream come true.

Finally, a career in dance does not last very long and I  pursued my career as a teacher which was also very rewarding.  As a teacher I was part of the prestigious Académie des Grands Ballets Canadiens.  I finally stopped teaching when my husband, because of his work commitments  was being constantly transferred  in different cities across Canada and then overseas.  I recently came across this beautiful painting by Scott Mattlin.  I wish I could paint as well as this:

It just reminds me of the many times I crossed the pink ribbons over my ankles always making sure that the ribbons were not too tight nor to loose. I love the white tutu.
Here is a song that reminds me of how important "dancing" can be in one's life.  At times, dancing literally gave me wings to fly over the peaks and valleys of my life.  Sunday Blessings to all!

Here is one of my favorite songs by Lee Ann Womack!  Enjoy!