22 December 2009

Hi everyone,

I've been blogging for several years. So people have called me the "lurker" because of my resistance of getting my own blog. I was just to busy with work, family, etc. So here I am finally with my very own blog. I will post random thoughts, jokes that I hope you will enjoy. I am French so forgive me for the many mistakes I will make but I will do my best and will keep my Oxford friend by my side.


  1. Well it's about time you created your own blog. Not that I've posted much myself lately. LOL...

    Glad to see you online though...hope you're well. Keep us posted on the travels to Qatar...


  2. Thanks Steven. I will try my best. You should trade blogs with Fishman or put a sign on yours that reads: GONE FISHING! Read ya later


  3. Hi Anne-Marie,

    Just don't do the crazy things that I do on my blog or you'll end up in BLOG WARS! Hi-hi now you have a good one. Mark.

  4. Thanks Mark. I'm not sure what I will post here yet. I guess I will use it like a journal that perhaps so poor soul who has nothing else better to do will read LOL

  5. Finally!
    Welcome to the Blogosphere hon :-)
    As soon as I defrost - i.e. return to SA in Jan - I'll try & catch up!
    All the best for the New Year xoxoxox

  6. Hi Jayne,


    I'm really fumbling around with this. No one close to me knows anything about setting up a blog. So now its Jayne with a why and I'm Anne-Marie with a dash.LOL L tried A2A but it was taken. After trying different names I thought of your name blog and built mine after your idea and presto it was finally accepted. Sorry for the lack of imagination but I was about to quit after an hour of searching for something creative. Hope you are enjoying your European vacation with your family. Keep well!

  7. Hello Anne-Marie,

    you just started out with your own blog! That explains why you're still as enthusiastic as posting something every day ;-) So, I like your blog, it's very cute, makes me grin and cherries are my favourite fruits anyway.
    Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :)