23 December 2009


Well since you are asking I am going to write that living in a Muslim country (Qatar) made me feel proud of living in Canada especially if you are a woman.  Becoming a step grandmother was also exciting. Opening an account on Facebook was challenging but fun.  Blogging at this point seems overwhelming since no one close to me can help but being stubborn helps.  I have not figured out how to post pictures yet but I will manage it eventually.  Its a whole new language in blogger world and I am not a tekkie by nature so I will do what the AA preaches:  one day at a time.  What about you?  Anything leave its mark on you during 2009?


  1. Without sounding cliche, the Western Cape leaves a mark on me every day, a positive mark.

    Why the rest of the country can't learn to live in relative peace with each other (and stop getting in each other's faces and being antagonistic) is beyond me. The Cape is so different in that respect in that your privacy, in fact your existence, is respected by most people who expect the same of every one else in the region.

    As much as KZN used to be the "Last Frontier" of the Commonwealth, the Cape is the last frontier for peace in SA.

  2. I'm happy to see you are still enjoying it in CT. I remember asking my husband if I could live there with my young kids while he worked in Joburg. That did not happen.... There was a big difference between Joburg and the Cape area. Its like a different country. I'm not sure why it has not been ravaged by crime yet. Although 3 days ago there was a report on Canadian TV of a Canadian couple that had been attacked and left for dead while hicking. They were originally from SA. I printed the story on FB and Wreckless commented on it. I would have to say its one of the most beautiful parts of SA. I remember going to George, Knysna and all up the coast to see the penguins. That was a big hit with the kids. Anyway, I hope it stays that way....