12 July 2010

Praying for clear blue water!

Happy Blue Monday to Sally and all my dear friends.  Praying that the oil spill disaster will come to an end soon!

If you want to discover beautiful blue blogs and meet the bluest person I know, please click HERE!  Sally loves blue that's why she smiles so much on Monday!  You can visit her blog Smiling Sally .  


  1. Beautiful photo, beautiful sentiments. I share the prayer with you and others for better times ahead down south.

  2. That oil spill makes my teeth set on edge, but ... today is a Happy day... so

    Happy Blue Monday, Anne-Marie!

    The blues of the water are gorgeous.

  3. Oh, you sweet girl! Thank you for your prayers. We are so hoping the same thing here in Florida.

    That water shot is just gorgeous!

    You asked me about Stella. She was made by a girl from England named Lindsay. She is flat like a paper doll, but she is backed by poster board for support. It looks as if Lindsay braided her hair, and her little boots are black felt. Her face is stitched. Different people have added to her as she has traveled from place to place. Someone gave her that cute little purse, they've added buttons, pins, and other souvenirs from her travels. I bought her a little Minnie Mouse charm to represent Florida because I took her to Disney for Christmas. That is Lindsay's favorite place, and since Linsday made her, I wanted to be sure that Stella got there!

    Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)