19 April 2010

Its Macy's fault if I'm a materialistic girl!

If you are American you already know about Macy's!  As a Canadian I only new of Macy's from hearing about  their famous Thanksgiving parade!  When I'm in the US, I make a point of shopping at one of their 460 stores.  My favorite is still the one in New York city. That one is magical. Right now they are in full swing with their " Spring Is In The Air" festival.

A tiny bit of history:  It was founded in 1850 by Mr. R. Macy, a Quaker from Nantucket (you should visit this town, its like a picture out of a story book). He was a whaler by trade.  In those days, whalers became very rich, very quickly!  At age 15 he had a red star tattooed on his hand.   Whalers relied on stars not sonars to find their way back to shore.  He used his "lucky" tatoo as a logo for his first shop which consisted of a "fancy dry goods" store in New York! His lucky red star logo worked  because today Macy's has sales of well over 25 billion a year.

The New York store is an institution as well as an attraction for shoppers around the world. From what I read Mr Macy was a gentleman.  He was the first one to promote women executives and did a lot for his employees.  To help celebrate their new American heritage, Macy's immigrant employees organized the first Thanksgiving Parade in 1924.  The New York store has over one million  square feet of retail space. I always say if you cant find it at Macy's you wont find it anywhere else. If its something special you are looking for Macy's has it:  clothing, furnishings, catering, jewelry, perfumes, parades, fashion accessories, kitchenware, linens and towels, etc...  Here is a list of pictures of my favorite things about Macy's:

The Spring is in the Air flower festival is now on:

The Thanksgiving Parade is always a treat:
At Christmas, the stores are beautifully decorated.  I like the "I believe" theme:

In Canada we have Boxing Day while they call it Black Friday: quite a few people...

The rest of the pictures are just "eye candy" for the fashionista in you!. Also if you like to decorate your home, your table, dress up your baby, buy flowers, give parties, Macy's has it all:  try a sample of a new wine!
Participate in a cooking class:
Need a gift for Mother's day?
A crystal bottle of  perfume by Waterford:

Are you a fan of Harajuku?

with matching shoes:
They always have  great jewelry for every budget:

They have vast make-up counters from every leading company imaginable even organic lines:
 Babies, children and teenagers have their needs met in all kinds of ways:
 If you need a prom dress, shoes and a purse to match, they have it:
 Lets take the elevator to  home furnishings:
 Or you can just buy yourself a nice bouquet of roses!
 I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


  1. You are correct! Macy's in NYC is magical! :D Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Whoa, I'm on sensory overload! That's a lot of shopping! --ou, beaucoup de shopping, avec beaucoup d'argent!


  3. the pics remind me a bit of Harrods in London - I love shopping there, but object to their hysterical prices~ I'm sooo looking forward to checking out all the big stores in 2012! Do you have an 'equivalent' to Macy's in Canada hon?

  4. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for visiting. Did you find your "décolletage" cream yet?

  5. Hi Jayne,

    What big stores are you visiting in 2012? Is someone going on another trip overseas? Montréal is a "boutique" type of a city while Toronto has bigger department stores such as The Bay or the Eaton Place. Much of our bigger stores in Canada are American: Sears for example. It would be nice to have Macy's here. I'm going to France in a couple of months. Cant wait! The shopping in Paris is fantastic. They also have a few department stores but I prefer the small boutiques, pastry shops and restaurants....cant wait!

  6. How I love to go there and check everything in your pictures ;-)

  7. I've never been to the "real" Macys in NYC, but your beautiful pictures make me want to go there!

    Glad you stopped to say hi on my blog ;). I love your site - my sister teaches high school French. Did you know that I spent 7 years of my life there growing up? Mais ca fait longtemps que je l'ai parle. Mes parent sont encore la and j'espere de les visiter ce Noel!

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  9. Hello, Thank you very much for your nice comment and visit!!!! Your blog is absolutely perfect and very interesting!!! I'll be back soon:))
    Have a very nice sunny day
    Hugs Fleurette

  10. Hehe! hey hey! your right we have lots in common thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh my! I LOVE your blog! Im following but im also going to subscribe I want it in my inbox, i dont want to miss a thing you talk about. :0)

    BTW most fantasmic blog design eva!

  11. Ive heard alot about MAcy's but didnt know its that big. Love the Bohemian garden... I enjoyed looking at your pictures. If i was there, Id be sitting in that free cooking class, or maybe just lurk around while shopping........ Makes me crave to shop!! I havent been in the mall for two weeks... U

  12. Ooooh! Sexy Nerd & I are getting ready to leave for 4 days in New York. We've never been before and you have me feeling extra excited now!

    I just found your blog and I love, love, LOVE it! Really! That sparkling chandelier at the top is fabulous! How did you do that??

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: Woot, Woot! Party at the 2010 HGTV Green Home!

  13. Macy's is such a fun place to visit when in NYC it's ever changing yet so traditional, too! Thanks for the shopping eye candy!

  14. I love Macy's and your delightful blog post makes me love it even more!! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is wonderful

  15. @ MAYET: Thanks for visiting. Happy you like the pictures

    @SARAH: Its a small world. I think you write really well in French. Where does your sister teach French?

    @FLEURETTE: You are welcome

    @ANITA: With all those compliments you can come back anytime. Thanks so much!

    @MHEL: Hi, The New York store is still the best one in my opinion. The flower gardens are spectacular. What? No shopping for 2 weeks?

    @LAMAROUND: You are a lucky girl. NYC is one of my favorite places on the planet. The lights were my idea and I asked Emily of Blog Fairy to help me. Have a nice trip!

    @TJ: Thanks and you're welcome. Eye candy is free so why not have fun with it!

    @BUNNTY: You are welcome. I think your ideas are spectacular. You are very talented. Good luck with you business. I will be back on your blog to snoop around as well!

  16. The Macy's in NYC is awesome, I love shopping there!

  17. Hi Maggi,

    Thanks for stopping by! The NYC store is for professional shoppers LOL Hope to see you again!

  18. Thanks for the visit! Having mine hung on the shepherd's hook seems to help, and I usually just spray the hook with bug stuff, and they never crawl up it.

    Cute blog!

  19. having been here for a minute takes me and my mind through your words, interesting blog also and colorful! i enjoyed reading it and even though i'm not into shopping galore, i love reading your blog, i also relate myself to some of the facts about what we people need and that these malls have to meet our needs...godbless you my dear and keep up the good work!