28 April 2010



Its my first time participating in REDNESDAY!  Its hosted by Sue at Its a very Cherry World !  I was told that she loves cherries.  Its too soon for cherries, where I live, but my red tulips are out!  I live in Canada so flowers at any time of the year are really appreciated!

Finally color in my front yard!
Crocus (its yellow, I know)
Tulips and Daffodils

Dwarf Irises (I should keep those for Blue Monday)

Iris Rose
rolling around in the grass 



and I finally love my red butter dish .  So many of my friends commented that it did belong on my newly created shelf.  They said the red punched it up a notch!

I love chickens and roosters.  I have a few in my kitchen (as decorations).   My husband said that we have enough.  But I saw this frame at Home Goods and I fell in love with it.  Mother's Day is around the corner.  Let's hope he changes his mind!

Yikes!  I just looked outside and it's snowing like crazy.  My flowers will probably become a distant memory!

The first red rose
Sent out of season
The second red rose
Sent for no reason
The third red rose
Sent for happiness and health
The fourth red rose
Sent for gaining life's wealth
The fifth red rose
Sent for gaining new friends
The sixth red rose
Sent for guiding you through life's bends
The seventh red rose
Sent for praying you never tire
The eighth red rose
Sent for giving you all of your desire's
The ninth red rose
Sent for your happiness in love
The tenth red rose
Sent for hoping I'm your turtledove
The eleventh red rose
Sent for igniting passion and fire
The twelve red rose
Sent for hoping I'm your desire.

Poem written by B. Lanier



  1. Anne-Marie,
    Your flowers looks great...good thing you captured them in photos since it's snowing!!
    I love your red butter dish, is it Fiesta? I agree with your friends, it does add a punch of color to your wonderful looking shelves. :)
    The Tattered Tassel

  2. Oh my goodness! Can I just tell you how much I love the pic of the fat kitty!!! Its to cute!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  3. Welcome to Rednesday. I tell ya, it's very addictive.And SO much fun! I love that shelf you made..wow. Fantastic job and beautiful vignette made.Loving all the red shared and that cutie black and white too!

  4. Happy Rednesday! I loved your pretty reds and the rose poem was lovely!

  5. Beautiful flowers. That butter dish definitely goes well there. Like I said last post, I absolutely love those shelfs. I can't believe you put them in yourself, and the hooks are genius.

  6. Wecome to Rednesday! It is one of the most colorful and fun days! Hope you get the tray; I hint to deaf ears! :)

  7. Bienvenu!! It's so nice to meet you Ann-Marie with a dash. One of my closest friends in college was an Ann Marie, but without a dash. So glad you joined Sue's Rednesday party. Your flowers are lovely, especially your iris. Mine are just about to open up here in Idaho. I am your newest follower mon ami!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Gorgeous!!!

    To make post it notes, go here:

  9. Love the red butter dish on the shelf. It really stands out.

  10. This post is just too much fun! First of all I love your fat kitty picture. She is so cuddly and adorable! Secondlya - every picture in this post touches me and inspires me int he most delightful way. Thank you for bringing smile to my face!:-)

  11. I love that shelf with all of your pretty pottery on it! And the picture of your kitty. She looks just like our kitty Mimi that we lost a few days ago. She was a plump little ball of fur like that when she was healthy. And that's a great picture of your red tulips. I love shots of the insides of them. I think very few people know how pretty they are on the inside too!
    Happy REDnesday!

  12. Love the Crocus!!! and the Cat!! She's as fat as my baby yeohme.... haha...... I've given you an Award, and linked your blog on my post. Check it out! U

  13. That is beautiful Annie... thanks for your comment on my blog... I would love to invite you to participate in our up coming "Victorian Teacup Party"..... come see!


  14. Pretty flowers! and your kitty's not fat, she's just well-nourished ;) You're having snow?! Oh, no! I like your pottery collection and that red butter dish is cay-ute. Happy 1st REDnesday~

  15. Well Anne-Marie with a dash! it's nice to meet you!
    I'm your newest follower...and i loved your red post!

    i was telling Debbie Dabble that I bought a rouge lipstick today...so that has got to count for something right! lol

    come by and visit me too...i'm hosting a giveaway!!!! hope to see you there....you never know you just might win something!!!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  16. Thanks for visiting! I copied the Rednesday button from Sue (It's a very cherry world) and saved to MY Documents. She has a new one every week so I don't think she would mind. Feel free to copy mine.

  17. Thanks for the comment love on my special SITS day.

    PS - Your blog header is fantastic.

  18. I love all the pretty teacups hanging from the shelf!!

  19. Hello there! It is my first time stopping by and what a cute blog you have! :-) Tulips are my favorite flower, they make me smile. And I agree the RED butter dish belongs on the shelf, beautiful. Happy Rednesday!

  20. What a bright and cheery blog. Loved the quote on gratitude.

    I like the red with the cooler colors on your shelf. Looks great to me.

    Don't worry, hubby will come to terms with the roosters. Sooner or later they all do!

  21. Snow!!! That's a 4-letter word, lol! Pretty pictures, and thanks for the love!