23 September 2010


Last year I moved to Doha, Qatar.  My husband and I rented a small apartment right next to the Four Seasons. We had a very small budget.  While he was at work I went shopping (of course). I shopped in different souks and malls and here are a few pictures of what I bought to furnish our tiny apartment.
The forbidden table! (no drinking allowed in a Muslim country! Shhh!

A lot of the furnishings are inspired by India (they also import from China). They love gold and red.  I'm usually not a flashy person but I thought that the mirror would brighten the apartment.

One thing you probably know about living in the Middle-East is that it is extremely hot and humid.  The only time we can actually stay outside a bit is at night.  As you travel by car in Doha you can see many parks catering to children.  They are usually empty.  If you drive around 10:00pm or later at night you will find that the parks are full of children.  Its understandable but its just weird to see so many mothers (all dressed in black veils) playing with their toddlers in the middle of the night.  While walking around in a beautiful souk I found these beautiful Indian lanterns.  Just the thing to brighten our tiny balcony.

We had a beautiful view of the Arabian ocean.  The boats just rest there during the day because its just too hot to even go out in them but come night time when its time to sleep......everybody is out enjoying themselves while we poor expats need to get some rest to confront  the unbelievable traffic in Doha each morning (that's another story).

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  1. oh that doesn't sound like fun to me ... i'm not a person that enjoys heat and humidity ... on the other hand it sounds fascinating to be near such interesting culture

  2. I love the forbidden table and the things you picked up while there. That's a crazy fact...about the playgrounds...I can't imagine taking my kids at 10pm to play!

  3. Dear Anne-Marie,
    Thank you for showing us your lastest decorating details in your apartment and telling us about life in general in the Middle East.
    I could get on fine without the liquid contents on the 'Forbidden Table' as I am a 'Tea-Totaler', but I would not like the extreme heat and humidity. I can understand why these local mothers have their toddlers playing at night!
    I like the mirror with the golden sun-ray-frame. Your apartment looks very inviting!

    Best wishes,

    Anna's A-word(Mrs.Jenny-Rd2)

  4. What a beautiful view of the Arabian Ocean...and love your forbidden table :-)

    I think it would take some getting used to playing with a toddler at 10PM!

  5. A lovely apartment and a view "to die for"! Gorgeous!
    Happy Alphabet Day!

  6. what an adventure and a view, and a new culture and well, amazing...

  7. I love the pictures - especially the forbidden table!! Love it!

  8. Gosh there I was slightly bemused at the idea of alphabe-Thursday and here I am encircling the globe and spying on all its very glamorous inhabitants! Merci d'une telle visite1

  9. No Wine....that would not do...are you teaching there...I think I would prefer Montreal...hope you share more of your adventures there with us...bkm

  10. I like your decorate in the apartment with just a touch of color..Beautiful photos, and lovely view of the ocean!

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  12. Hi im your newest follower from Friday Blog Hop. Come on by and follow back :).


  13. Happy Pink Saturday. I really enjoyed seeing your apartment. Is it always that clean...lol....

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  15. What a fascinating stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    This looks like an intriguing country. The idea of children out playing at 10 at night tended by black clad Mom's is something I can't quite visualize in my head.

    You did an amazing job making that apartment charming. Love the little 'pops' of red!

    Thank you for linking.