09 September 2010

Violet is sexy !

Violet just happens to be my favorite color.  It has many attributes and qualities.  Let's see....

Its a mixture of blue and red!

Violet signifies calm, kindness, passion and intelligence.

If you are into Tarot it symbolizes new beginnings.

In psychology violet is the color of fusion (between 2 hearts).

In other spheres violet is also used to indicate sadness and is widely used during funerals.

In France, they used to attach a violet stone around the necks of children to make them obedient and protect them from illness.

It is the color of the 7th chakra which is the color for the transition from the yang to the yin.  It is used to stimulate women sexually while men use red!

The catholic churches use it extensively during funerals and Good Friday!

I'm joining Jenny today.  If you would like to see other violet posts.  Please click here 

Jenny Matlock


  1. You have managed to get some wonderful versions of violet - it is a royal colour!

  2. You have such an amazing variety of violet.

  3. I liked your list of colors...

    And your photo selections.

    Great job.


    PS. Yikes. Those falling leaves freaked me out. I thought they were spiders at first...on my screen!

  4. Great! Violet is sexy isn't it.

  5. Loving your Violet contributions!
    Happy end of the Rainbow Days!

  6. Purple is my favourite colour too :-) It most definitely is a sexy colour!!


  7. i just love the vibrant images in your post ... so pretty!!! and i love your little falling leaves floating across the screen ... fall is my favourite season!

  8. Lovely violet pictures and thoughts! It is one of my favorite colors...and I love my amethyst ring that I bought many years ago in Uruguay.

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  9. Beautiful post...and yes it is a very Sexy color...bkm

  10. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!

  11. That was a fun read. I learned alot about violet - of course, though, I've always loved the color.

  12. That is quite a mix of symbolism! Interesting.

  13. If only violet really did make children obedient -- I'd order a class set :)

  14. Such a great post...cool information...so how does one use violet to stimulate a woman sexually? Peace and blessings

  15. Laughing at Jeff's comment. Funny.

    OK, back to you now!

    Love your autumn header. That is so radiant.

    I'm wondering if the stone might work on a 20-something kid that needs straightened out - ha!

    What a fun post. Great content, dreamy background...oh and here comes a little leaf drifting down.

    What a wonderful visit.

    Thank you for linking to Rainbow Summer School.


  16. actually violet is not a mixture of any other colors. blue and red make purple, there is no purple in the rainbow, as red and blue aren't next to each other.
    violet is at the top of the spectrum between the ultraviolet range and indigo below it.