06 September 2010

Fall in love!

Autumn may just be my favorite time of year in Montréal. There's this contagious surge of energy as people roll back into town and get back to business, and a wave of exciting exhibits, shows, and new movies fill the events guides. Then there's that hint of the approaching winter, and walks in the crisp air. It's a heady mix. 

My top 2 favorites things are walks in the crisp air and Thanksgiving but then there is the new fashion line and hot cups of chocolate....
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  1. Found your blog via Top 2 Tuesday. I have to say - your blog is GORGEOUS! So so so pretty! I've never been to Montreal, but it looks beautiful too!

  2. Looking forward to cool crisp weather, and some Hot Chocolate too! Montreal looks gorgeous!

  3. Good Morning Anne-Marie Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share this morning. Oh how gorgeous the seasons are. I think that is what I miss most living in Phoenix. The seasons. Now we can drive a few hours and go up north and see them, but it isn't the same. The crisp air, and the nice cool sheets when you climb into bed at night. I loved it in Oklahoma during the Fall. (only the Fall).

    I have never been to Montreal but you sure do make it look inviting. Thank you for sharing this glorious morning. I know Fall is coming.

    Many country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Autumn is truly a special season.

  5. Your blog is so cute! Funny that we both picked the air. There's something special about it in the fall, that's for sure. I've never been to Montreal, I bet it's gorgeous there.

  6. What a gorgeous photograph. The colours are stunning.

  7. Such a lovely summary and photos of life over there! Anne-Marie, did you ever come across a song called IN MONTREAL? It was sung by a mom and daughter, more I cannot remember, but I have a bet on with someone that such a song existed! Regards from Cape Town, Marie

  8. My favorite season by far. I just wish I lived further north but have great memories of visits to New England during that season. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I guess because it's the best of both words--Autumn and Christmas around the corner. This time of year just goes by too fast.

    Nice visiting.