20 September 2010

Bamberg , Germany

I was in Bamberg, Germany recently and I could not resist taking this picture of this blue building.
At the street level there are boutiques and offices at the higher level. I thought of Sally when I saw it. It almost looks like it's made of Wedgewood china. For those of you not familiar with Wedgewood here are 2 beautiful vases made of this type of pottery.

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  1. I DO love this shade of blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Anne-Marie! Check out my book giveaway.

  2. I certainly did think of Wedgewood as soon as I saw this building. Different for sure.

  3. A Wedgewood building! I love it!

  4. Hi Anne-Marie, are the "favorite" cities listed at the bottom of your home page the places you have lived? If so, super nice mix! :-)