14 September 2010

Bruges, Belgium

While in Bruges (Belgium) last fall I could not help but stare at this beautiful lace dress in the window.  I love lace, especially when it's handmade.  I bought a few pieces. Our Canadian money was worth less last year.   Its rather expensive but you should see the finished results.  Bruges is renowned the world over for its lace.  This dress is not for sale but I can just imagine the time it took to complete.

  There is a section of Bruges where one can find many stores that specialized in lace.  My husband was not too interested but I was mesmerised by the beautiful details.  Here are a few more pictures of what I saw:

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  1. Simply Beautiful work-thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow!! Just found your blog and loved it here! Love the beautiful photos and will enjoy following you!
    Have a great day!

  3. I had a friend who went to Belgium and brought me back a bookmark with my initial on it and the detail in the lace was absolutely spectacular... I would have been like you, totally mesmerized!

  4. Hi!
    I’m spreading the love from Social Parade. I'm really jealous of your amazing travels!
    You might like my blog as well.
    Have a super day!

  5. What a trip of a life time that must have been.
    I'm a lace lover too and my husband doesn't get it either!

  6. What beautiful lace...looks like one should buy their wedding dress in Bruges! My only stop in Belgium was an overnight in Brussels en route back from Athens to San Francisco. I had only time to have dinner on the square ( mussels and steak tartare ) and to ewalk around a bit and buy assorted chocolates. Clearly, that was not enough time in Belgium and I would have loved to see Bruges.

  7. I have watche ladies weave bobbin lace at colonial craft fairs. It is amazing to watch designs grow. The dress is amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. How beautiful! Amazing patience....I love your blog header picture...very cool!

  9. Hi, I'm not part of the social parade, yet, anyway.

    I love the picture of the store front. To me, it looks so cozy inside ad can just take away all my problems.....

    I've joined your blog=

  10. stopping by from Social Parade! I'm following you and can't wait to check out more of your blog!

    Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

  11. Gorgeous! Or should I say...Merveilleux!

    (I hope my memories of French class aren't failing me here!)


  12. That dress is beautiful! I wish I could go to Europe!

    I'.m a new follower from Social Parade on Friday!
    Can't wait for new posts.


  13. Beautiful! But I only know "Brugge" in Belgium -I spent my childhood North (pretty close) of there, just over the border in the Zeeland province of Holland.

  14. Saturday September 18th, 2010
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my post about 'Colors in the Wind'!!
    Love your blog!
    Sorry about the Swedish on the comment box. 'Skicka kommentarer' means send/post your comment. 'Forhandsgranska' (or something like that ) means simply 'preview' before sending.
    I love lace. My two-legged mommie says that they learned lace-making from the Belgians here in Sweden in a small town called Vadstena. You can buy a lace-making frame (or whatever they are called) and learn to make lace! Mommie wants to do that one day. (But frankly, I don't know when she will get time. We cats keep her busy)
    Take care!
    Sara Cat
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  16. I love the lace dress. It is beautiful. The girl making lace is so interesting. I had no idea how to make lace by hand. Your photos are lovely of the lace.

    I realize this is last weeks post but I haven't seen it. I enjoyed visiting you today,
    Hugs, Jeanne

  17. Became new follower. Like your blog. Come check out mine sometime.

  18. Wow! fabulous stuff!!
    I have been to Brussels and Bruges as well!
    Bruges is such a magical place, and I have relatives living in Brussels. I've done a post about those beautiful places. I'm so happy I found your blog via Pink Dandy Sunday!

    I am now following you and hope you stop by my blog.


  19. Gorgeous details on that dress!! It looks like a ton of work.

    Thanks for stopping by my Pink Dandy Sunday Blog Hop!

  20. Oh! Absolutely beautiful! I love lace! In fact, I am drawn to the dresses, blouses, tops, etc that have lace.
    I am finally getting a chance to stop over from Ms. Jenny's awesome Alphabe-Thursday list!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  21. My Grandmother used to make lace by hand. Such an effort of patience and perserverance with gorgeous results.

    I think I'd like to visit Belgium sometime. It looks so charming.

    Thank you for linking!