02 September 2010

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what these pictures are about?

These are pictures I took from the plane flying over Siberia last January.  I was flying back to Canada from Qatar and I happened to look out the window.  At first I was puzzled by the scenery and asked one of the attendants where we were.  I was quite surprised to see how Qatar Airways flew over Siberia to get back to Canada.  It was really a sight to behold.  The snow was a crispy clean white and buried  deep in the snow you can see tiny homes.  Here in Montreal we are experiencing another heat wave and the school where I teach is stifling. Its quite refreshing to look at these a few months later.  Happy Show and Tell to all! 

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  1. Gorgeous pics and love the decor of your blog. Just toooo cute Ü

  2. These photos are so interesting. At first glance, I thought it was cracked ice. Love your blog!