23 June 2010

W for wisdom and wonder

People can be enlightened at any time and at any stage in their lives. They just have to be willing to accept it when a window of opportunity opens up. It is a gift when a person feels enlightened. When a person wishes to  deliver enlightenment it is usually one who truly loves and respects the person wise and worthwhile enough to receive it. Enlightenment isn't always welcomed and can make things worse at times, especially when family is involved. Families tend to shy and wrestle away from enlightenment and stick their heads in the sand and say "Oh that's just the way so-and-so is." Or the family walks around on eggshells not wanting to upset anyone as to create unwanted wars. In order for families to heal well and give them new wings they need to communicate to mend old wounds. Yes, we might feel weepy... a good look at oneself isn't easy. It might feel like things are worse for a while and we feel like withdrawing although in the end a weight can be lifted and life can be enjoyed once again.

This is my sanity prayer or mantra. Its given me wings when life feels wrong and I feel like a wreck:

grant me the serenity to accept
the things I cannot change
the courage to change
the things I can and
the wisdom to know
the difference.

Hope you enjoyed my W post.  I have to stop now as I'm getting a writer's cramp..... 

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  1. Well this was a wonderfully clever post! What would I do without stopping here? Thank you for sharing my friend and name sake! Have a great week! You used many W words.

    Hugs Anne

  2. i really like your post this week...much to think about and much to learn from...considerable food for thought.

  3. That is great! I love your blog! thanks for stopping by my blog. I am followin u 2!

  4. What a lovely blog - very pleasing to the eye and fun to read, Anne-Marie with a dash. :o)

  5. Your prayer and w points are wonderful.

  6. What an inspiring post! I love it.

  7. Great "w" post Anne-Marie! Wisdom and Wonder indeed!

  8. What a great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. You made a lot of good points with this. One has to be willing to change in order to be enlightened. So frustrating when family members refuse.

  10. Hello! thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry you couldn't see the photo, it's cute.
    The Serenity Prayer is hanging on my wall... it's been part of my life for many years.
    Stop by again when you get the chance, visitors are always welcome!

  11. I had to read this twice...I was so busy smiling at the adorable picture of the chick! That really made me laugh!

    I love your take on the serenity prayer here. These are always such hard lessons to learn but so uplifting when we finally "get" them.

    Thanks for sharing this wisdom and for linking up this week.

    I think you are wonderful!


  12. What a great post! This is my favorite line:

    "They just have to be willing to accept it when a window of opportunity opens up."

    Reminds me to be OPEN to enlightenment and be willing to let myself receive. Thanks!

    PS...I'm your newest follower!!

  13. Wonerful words of wisdom here. I loved it all. Every single wonderful word you wrote.

  14. Well, what a wonderful word!

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    you have a great site. I'm following you now from Welcome Wednesday (a bit belated lol). Please follow me back


  16. Great post!

    The serenity prayer is my favorite!

    I LOVE your blog, so cute!

    I am your newest follower!

    Hope you are having a great day!

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  18. Hi Anne-Marie!

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  21. Wonderful witty wisps of wisdom...!
    A giggling delight to read~
    This is such a bright and cheery place....!

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  24. We are one of those families that walk on eggshells, waiting for Someone to "grow up" and get over it. Being a pragmatist, I have tried and tried to meet this head-on, to cleanse and heal old wounds. Nothing works. It always ends up in tears and tatters. So.... Let's enjoy each other when we can. Now that "Someone" has a baby of her own, and has begun her journey as a parent, she is learning that life just isn't fair sometimes, and forgiveness is an art that is learned and has to be practiced to be real. Maybe I will live to see a resolution, or maybe it will be in heaven I will see it. Either way, we are happy enough ignoring the old hurts...scars eventually get desensitized. Just my opinion.

    Love your blog. Found you thru the Friday Follows. Come visit us on Steadfast as we see the world thru new eyes every day. Rosemary

  25. Hello, Anne-Marie! I love your W post!!

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    You did a good job on Ws.

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  31. What a fun read, great ideas for writing prompt. I came over on the over on the hop. And I'm putting you on my blog list.


  32. Well, this was a very enlightening post. Thanks for sharing. Great W post.

  33. I love your blog theme! Beautiful! Especially the widget calendar!!!!! I have prayed the serenity prayer several times this week, too LOL! Found you on the Friday Follow (airplane pic, I can't remember the exact name of it, LOL!)

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  49. I am always willing to wonder and learn :o)... Change for the better is a good thing... Thank you for sharing :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!