15 October 2010

Fight like a diva

A few years ago I lost a friend to breast cancer. She was 38. She had 3 children, the youngest being 8 months old when she passed. The 2 others were 6 and 12. She had been a cancer survivor for a few years when she found out she was pregnant again. Her doctor recommended that she terminate her pregnancy as it put her at risk. She loved children and could not go through with with and had a beautiful baby girl but then...she found out that the cancer was back and it had spread. 

Many criticized her for having a baby against her doctor's wishes but I remember her words: I feel I have been given a miracle and that this is God's way of showing me his love. She was by no means stupid, she was a university professor and had a heart of gold. As  she was dying, she did not complain once but she kept worrying about the future of her 3 girls. She especially did not want them to be separated. Unfortunately, no one in the family could take in the 3 girls all at once. I know they have adjusted and are generally happy. It was a real heartbreaking story for all of us. I often think of Louise and of how proud she would be of her girls 10 years later.  

I dedicate this post to her and everyone out there that is "fighting like a diva". We are making some real progress but the fight must go on. There is a contest on Polyvore to mark October as Cancer Awareness Month. The best set wins. Hope you enjoy it. There are a few items for sale listed at the bottom. Some of the proceeds go towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out the Estee Lauder Jeweled Pink Ribbon pin offered at 13$.  Estee Lauder is donating the proceeds to the cause.

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  1. It's nice to see major sponsors coming forward to champion the fight against women's cancers. A cure can not come fast enough!

  2. yes I am German (it's written in my sidebar, lol) but I live since over 50 years in Belgium !

  3. Every bit of money that comes in to fight Breast Cancer will lead to a cure for so many cancers. The people diagnosed, female and male, with Breast cancer are getting younger and younger. We all should add a prayer for a cure for cancer. Great post but so very sad.

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    Thanks for honoring the brave women who love life and fight hard.

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  9. Great cause! My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so it’s a cause I’m intensely concerned about. I love your blog and am your newest follower!

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  11. Sad story, but I hope the girls are doing great. Sandie

  12. Thank you for sharing your friend's story. Her courage is inspiring. My sister-in-law is a 15-year survivor of breast cancer. Thank you for this post. We will definitely continue to support research in every way possible.

    PS I came by from Follow Friday Over 40. Have a great weekend.


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  14. This is a terrific tribute to your friend - my heart goes out to her daughters - but, I am sure with wonderful people like you around they will come to know how special she was! Bless her for giving birth to her daughter!
    You are a blessing,

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  16. I found your blog via Tamirisc@ Creative Minds & am now following you.
    My aunt is fighting breast cancer...she is now taking radiation. Thanks for your work toward the fight.
    The story you tell is both endearing and heart breaking.
    Peace...Naila Moon

  17. I love all of the items for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's so cool to see all of the companies involved! God bless your friend! What an amazing sacrifice she made!

    Happy PS,

  18. I just followed you back. :)

    I love Paris and I love your Parisian layout.

  19. How sad that the girls lost their mother so young. I love the layout you did with all the pink items. Happy Pink Saturday.

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  21. Thanks you for joining me at Create With Joy! Your blog is very beautiful and made me smile, so I am delighted to meet you and to follow back! It also moved me in so many places. I am sad for the loss of your friend but also understand the difficult but selfless choice she made. I hope that you are feeling better soon and I look forward to getting to know you - hope you'll be a regular visitor and contributor on my site!

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  23. Your friend seemed like a real fighter. Oh how I feel for her children...Thanks for the follow. Getting you back. Hope you come by again soon.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  24. What a touching and mindful post.

    I had trouble reading it because I keep laughing at your Mona Lisa funny face. But I will avert my eyes momentarily to say we can never do enough to fight the cause of cancer...in whatever form we choose.

    They have made such strides in fighting the disease but it will never be enough until this medical terror is totally eliminated.

    Thank you for this wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday.


  25. What a lovely and meaningful post, but a sad, sad story...

    I have bought a ribbon and pink muffincups.

  26. Hi darlin' :-)
    Great post hon & it just goes to show that blogging helps spread the word about breast cancer even more widely :-)
    I know I bitched about living in the Sandpit, but one thing the UAE authorities really should be praised for is that every year, they offer FREE screening for women over the age of 40. I had mine done in Abu Dhabi & saw a great female doctor who put my mind at rest when it came to diagnosing lumps that I'd felt.
    Here in SA, getting a mammogram is wayyyy down the list of medical necessities. Got AIDS/HIV or TB & you'll get sorted quickly, but gawd forbid you want a mammogram! I'd have to make an appointment weeks in advance, travel nearly 300km to get to the hospital where there's a machine available, travel the 300km home & spend endless weeks waiting for the results. I'd then have to do the same journey to see a doctor, because the resident quacks here are 40yrs out of date with their medical knowledge!

    Hope all's well with you hon.......y'know me.....I'll try & write soon! xoxoxoxox