22 October 2010

La vie en rose

I decided to write a post about pink products I personally like.   Last week I published a post about pink products that are being sold to help find a cure for breast cancer .  You can find it here!  Today is TGIF! I feel like taking it easy and creating a post just for the fun of it.   The following products are just some of my favorites at the moment and they just happen to be pink.

First, nail polish:
I`ve always loved pink nail polish. Once in a while I wear red but 95% of the time I just love to wear pink polish (the bonus is that mistakes dont show as much).  . There is a new trend called French Inverse nails.  I quite like it!

Then there is the traditional look, always a classic:

The bottle seems a bit mauvy but your nails will look a fresh pink.

The next product is quite smart. Its made by Shuella. They are shoe covers. Lets say you are stepping out wearing your best shoes (made from fine leather, satin or suede) and then it starts to pour. No need to worry, you just flick out your pink shoe covers from your purse and voilà! In case you are interested you can have a closer look at their website (the covers exist in other colors): http://www.shuella.com/
 Lastly,  I present to you my favorite spread.  Its delicious on ice cream, croissant or French bread: its rose petal jelly!  This one is made locally!

 You have to try it. I dont like sweet jams but this jelly is perfumed with a hint of rose and tastes great.  You can find this product everywhere these days.  I usually find mine in gourmet shops.  Hope you enjoyed my short list of pink products.  Have a Happy Pink weekend!

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  18. Very cool inverted nails. Also? I used to have that kind of boots when I was little and I LOVED them! Nice to know they still exist! :)

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  23. That French Inverse nail look takes me back to when I was 12 years old. I was blessed with naturally long nails and back then I had this collection of wild colors of nail polish. When I was bored....and let's face it a 12 year old gets bored often....I'd entertain myself by painting all these bright colored strips on my nails.

    I think I was about 20 years ahead of my time (Yes this was the wacky 80s). Seems more people do these things now.

    Thanks for the memory!

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  32. Oh I just loved the shoe covers! I am going to have to pick a pair up. Thanks for sharing such lovely things.

  33. Happy Pink Saturday, Anne-Marie.

    These pink products are so pretty. I love the French inverse nail treatment.

  34. I love your pinks. I'm really behind on my Pink Saturday but glad I stopped by or I would have missed them. Happy Pink Saturday.

  35. Hey! Happy way belated Pink Saturday. Love your pinks and your charming blog. I love dark red nail polish but mostly stick with a light pink because it last longer. :)