19 October 2010

Flattery Specialist for 5$ a call !

I'm not sure how to react to this one! Its about a company that charges 5$ a call to flatter people. Apparently its spreading like crazy! Miriam Glassman is the creator of the concept. Last week she spent 60 hours on the phone. She wont say what she's making but enough to make a living. She makes calls on your behalf. Sort of like a personal secretary. Mother is not feeling well....call Miriam and she knows how to cheer her up! Your employee reached her sales quota, she will call her with pats on the back! All this for 5$ !!! Dont believe me. Check her website: http://www.flatterme.ca/index.html

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Here is part of their ad:

Top 10 Ways People Are Using Flatter Me?
(It started off with compliments but Flatter Me phone calls has become so much more. Tell us what you want. And we'll phone em' to deliver the message! Only "positive" messages though!)

1) Employee Motivation calls . Did someone do something great at work? This is a great way to encourage a job well done.
2) Cheer Me Up Calls. Know someone that is having a bad day? Feeling helpless? Flatter Me phone calls can help.
3) Apology Calls. Did something wrong? Need to do some serious sucking up to someone. This "might" help!
4) Happy Birthday Calls. Happy Valentine's Day. Happy Anniversary. Happy Father's Day. We do it all!
5) Appreciation Calls. Mom's overworked? Wanna make someone feel appreciated. We won't let them forget how valuable they are!
6) You Can Do It Calls. Know someone that has a goal? Training for a marathon? Lately, we've been doing encouragement phone calls too.
7) Santa Claus Calls. Want Santa to call your kids to get their gift list and remind them to be good? We're here for family occasions.
8) Got A Crush On You Calls. Too shy to tell that special someone you think they are amazing? Need a date this weekend? It's worked for others!
9) Custom Phone Calls. Be creative. It's like a phone-o-gram. If it is positive, we'll say it. We've delivered poems and more.
10) Holiday Greeting Calls. Wanna wish someone a happy thanksgiving? Happy New Year? We celebrate all holidays at Flatter Me!


I dont know about you but I'm not ready to outsource my personal calls yet....Its edgy but is it effective?  My educated guess is that our elderly parents would not be too elated by our effortless attempt to empathise with such empty effort on our part!

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  4. Following back, Thanks for coming by.

    As for the outsourcing... I don't see why anyone would WANT someone else to do it... ??? It doesn't mean anything if it's not from your heart. Outsourcing means it's just another thing to cross off your list. No personalization at all.


  5. Now your newest follower. :-)

  6. That does seem to take some of the joy out of caring how someone feels about themselves. I guess there is a market out there or she wouldn't be doing so well. Wish I'd thought of it....lol...

  7. That is wild! I can understand (sort of, well, possibly maybe) the cheer ME up call, but who would want to get a “special” call from someone they don’t know. Not the ideal way to share the love?

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  10. Wow, you learn something new every day. I think it's very cold and uncaring to actual hire someone to show people that you "care"

  11. Very thought provoking - TFS!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


  12. I like the "got a crush on you" calls & the "santa" calls~ those are creative :-)

  13. wow , to have to pay someone to flatter me is not flattery imo. I would never do this . My boyfriend always showers me with flattery and it works for me :). Thanks for the info though.

  14. That is definitely an interesting business! Sounds like it would be a great way to cheer people up though :) I think I need to receive an appreciation call from my family :)

  15. haha..great post. I have definitely missed my calling. I could so do that...no problem.

  16. I'm not sure my mom or dad would want to get a call from someone they don't know. I don't think this service is one I will be using.

  17. I've never heard of this! I don't think I will be sourcing out my personal calls anytime soon, but I do think it was a brilliant business concept!

  18. Hi! Dropping by via the blog hop and hmmmm, not really sure about using this service myself, but I can think of some guys in my family that could use this sort of help!

  19. OMG! Get over yourselves, People! If I want to be cheered up, I will just pick up my dog! They are always glad to lick your face and make you feel better!!

  20. I agree with your assessment. I can't think of anyone I know who'd want to hear from someone I hired because I was too "busy" to pick up the phone myself. Sheesh!

  21. I am always strapped for time but I would not farm out my personal greetings. There are other ways to economize!!

  22. Flattery calls? What next? My wife says I'm the world leader on flatulence (the partaking of, not knowledge of), think I could start a call center where we spread the odor, so to speak? Only calls to people you really want to blow away I suppose....

  23. Hmmmm. I am flabbergasted, truly flabbergasted! But I'm sure the flattery phone calls are a fad. They too shall pass.

  24. If this idea make someone rich, I'm CLEARLY in the wrong line of work!

  25. Wow. This really makes it so we don't have to be nice to people at all anymore! How convenient.
    However, to be honest, it might be worth it to have someone call me every day and tell me how fabulous I am. What a boost for my self esteem. Can I order one for myself. :-)

  26. I think it's kind of a cute idea. Sort of like sending a singing telegram. It's definitely tongue-in-cheek, not serious.

    I could see using them to have a poem I'd written read to someone over the phone. It's fun!


  27. While an enterprising idea, I doubt that most people would enjoy something like that. Most people I know don't even answer their calls right away. Plus I know many who would be skeptical of calls like this from people they don't know. Interesting idea though.

  28. I am offering this same service via email at a rate of 3 dollars per e-mail!

    This idea is so funny. I think if you took it from the aspect of being silly like Sue said it could be unique.

    But from the aspect of 'I love you but I'm too busy to tell you myself' it is kind of cold.

    Thanks for an intriquing and fun link to Alphabe-Thursday.

    That post really surprised me!


  29. IF I would do this, my adult kids would be mad at me, or they would think it's a joke! (so, it's not only elderly parents that would not be elated:) )
    BTW: I love your heart profile!

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  31. I don't think it is meant to replace one-on-one communication. How is this different then an e-card or hallmark card, or telegram. It seems like a really fun and original way to send a message. I am sure my friends would get a good laugh out of this. Very cute!