25 October 2010

Which group do you belong to?

 The elementary schoolyard is full of them -- of cliques and it's not the kids that I am talking about, it's the moms. By now every mom can walk into their schoolyard and find their peeps -- the like-minded, like-outfitted people that they can stand around with and gossip and discuss burning kid issues.

My schoolyard breaks down into the following cliques:

Athletes: they arrive in their workout gear and discuss training schedules and injuries.
Cool Kids: these moms are also impeccably dressed but they have a more unstudied look to their outfits. They want to look as they don’t care, when they really do. They discuss their busy social calendar and the sales at their favorite independent boutiques.
The Frantics: rushing in late in sweatpants and always talking about their daily crisis, everything is an emergency needing discussion.
The Greens: Everything is mismatched hemp or vintage finds, they are always carrying re-useable bags filled with glass containers and are worried about the latest study on toxicity. Their kids don't watch much TV or play video games but they do play a wicked piano concerto.

The Lifers: every school has them. The women who devote most of their day to the school, organizing pizza lunch, fundraisers, and classroom volunteers. Their powers of organization are legendary and a little scary. I love the lifers.  What would I do without them!

The Working Moms: they are not a clique per se as they actually have somewhere to go after drop-off. They may not be aware of the ins and outs of the social scene so they can stand out as the make an appearance at the schoolyard. As they walk off the schoolyard they may not realize that the eyes of those left behind may be following them longingly. (I used to belong to this group).

The Forever Mommies: they often have a baby strapped to them in some way, or a toddler clinging to their leg crying, they are talking naptime and toilet training for the upteemth time

There are of course other groups such as the Foodies discussing meal plans, the men-bashers (guilty as charged), the victims.... 

Its just the way I see things! But I love all my moms because they do give me their best work:  their kids!
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  1. Because I was at home I volunteered for everything...plus I didn't trust anyone else to watch my kids on a field trip.
    When they were in high school I drove the basketball team everywhere in my big van because no one else was available in the afternoons to get them to their games. I had more fun than they did I think.
    I have a notepad that says "Stop me before I volunteer again" at the top. Now my sons are grown and I am back at work. No one is looking at me longingly when I leave for work that is for sure.
    Maybe I should just dress up really nice and stand outside the school waving at a fake kid so the mom's can all be jealous when I leave. Lol.

  2. Funny! I know at least one mom from every category. I am in the working moms group. I rarely show up so when I do I don't know all the other moms but the ones I do are surprised to see me. Well, my daughter is too old for me to take to school now. She walks with her friends. But when she was smaller I had someone take her every morning. Then she was old enough to drop off at the top of the driveway and walk down by herself.

    I only know the moms that are my daughter's friends' moms, or ones I've met on field trips. Sometimes I envy the lifers and forever moms in that they get to experience more. I would volunteer more if I could. I love spending time at the school.

  3. In Norway we do not follow the children to school. The parents say goodbye at the front door of the house and the children go to school on their own or with other neighbour kids.At least that is the most common way to go to school.

    But of course we have all the different kinds of mums here as well, but they do not meet in the schoolyard every morning and afternoon.

    My girls are now 27 and 19. The 27 one is now working after 8 years of studies and the 19 has just attended the university in Oslo.

    I really like your blogg and the things you write about.

    Have a very nice week and take good care of the children. They are our future.

  4. Hi, Thanks for your nice comments on my pink blog! Have a great day.

  5. Hi! I am not a mom but I am a new follower! Love your blog!

  6. Oh that forever mommy thing makes me cringe! I'd kill myself I think!

  7. Oh my goodness, that was funny!!! I have a friend in each catagory!! :-)

  8. Funny post and I'm not even a Mom! Think I'd have been a Green, though if I'd had kids I might have had time to think about the environment...good read!

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  10. My kids are all grown up and gone from home but I totally relate to that post!
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  12. I will be a Working Mommy when I have kids : (

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  13. I think I'm a little bit of all of them!

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    Kentucky Frugalista

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  16. This is SO true ... I'm knee deep in the elementary school scene & I'm picturing these moms as you described them. I would LOVE to feature you on my site by running this post if you are interested! We wrote one similar to this in the "Which Momma Are You"? post here:
    Lmk what you think! Btw, I just wrote a Breast Cancer post on Feel Your Boobies on monday!! Wow... great minds think alike. I'd love you introduce this site to my readers!! Thx.

  17. I never really though about it that way since my kids take the school bus most of the time and their schools are not big enough to really notice the groups. I can see it know, thou.

    For myself I am little bit of everything depends on the day. I try to have a balance,lol. Doesn't always work for me.

  18. Hi! :) I'm a new follower from follow me back Tuesdays! :)

    Hmmm...I think I'm a forever mommy - mostly because I dont know what other category I would fit into - probably part green mommy too :) hehe fun! :)


  19. Loved your post! You made me smile!! I am the working Mom.
    Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  21. I guess you get natural groupings in any situation that brings together groups of people who aren't already friends... I'm not a mum but I know I gravitate towards "people like me" in a variety of situations (in some very techie contexts, this often just means 'female'...)

  22. I loved this blog - I'm in the grandma group. Sandie

  23. Son sorry I've taken so long to follow back, but I do appreciate your blog. This post in particular made me smile. I'm one of the working moms for sure.

    Thanks for following me as well.
    lisa xx

  24. I am in awe. You spoke of today's moms yet all those categories applied to the days mine were attending school too. You summed up each group perfectly..perfectly. I was the working mom, always feeling a bit left out, and not feeling like a part of any group. Just as you described!!

    Thank you, this was a fabulous post & thank you for commenting on my recent post. I've been behind in my blogging tragically.

    Cheers x

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  26. I'm the Greens with a little bit of Cool Kids thrown into the mix (hey...green is good, but I like to co-ordinate).

    This was fun and true! I know someone from all of these areas...lol.

  27. I was a lifer until my son got to middle school. By then I was burned out and did practically nothing LOL.