16 January 2010

When the world comes crashing down!

I remember reading about a cultural phenomena unique to Haïti:  the "Reste Avec" a French word that means "living with". Due to financial constraints, parents are forced to give away or to sell for 100$ or less their children (boys and girls) to other families.  They become slaves and therefore loose their former identity. They are known as children "living with" the so and so's, hence the "Reste Avec"!
    Women, unfortunately, often have many children and few fathers to support them. Apparently the "Reste Avec" slavery  is an accepted common practice that has been in existence for a very long time.  Please refer to the video for a detailed explanation.

We have all been watching from our own respective countries reports of the devastation of the earthquake. Its difficult to watch.  On the other hand, amid the horror of it all, its refreshing to see how the different nations are converging to help with whatever money, medical services and humanitarian supplies they have, instead of viewing the daily  images coming out of Afghanistan and its devastation caused uniquely by men. Its uplifting to see the humanitarian concern and effort deployed to Haïti by well meaning citizens from around the world.


  1. Great post. Stopping by from SITS! Love your blog.

  2. Thanks for this post. It's good also to raise awareness by using 'the voice we have' - something I've been challenged by recently and want to do more with my blog.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  3. Great information. What a world. We still must make every effort to help these brothers and sisters in these extremly unfortunate times.

  4. Yes Anonymous,

    Its always the children that pay the highest price...