15 January 2010


I support COCO !!!

There is a war raging at NBC.  They want Leno to take back The Tonight Show and move Conan O'Brien to a new show at midnight.  Conan as you know moved his family and his staff to LA (I'm sure NBC took care of his expenses) to start a new career.  Earlier this week NBC changed its mind and want to push out Conan to a very late show.  Conan said he would rather quit and that's what he did. Conan is a Harvard educated man and was a writer for the Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. This week he has had some fun at the expense of NBC.  Here is one of his jokes in his opening monologue:

Hi, I'm Conan O'Brien, NBC's "Employee of the Month" !  NBC is threatening Conan by denying him any work for the next 3 years if he does not stop his negative remarks of NBC.  Bye Coco, we will miss you!  Thousands of supporters are organizing rallies for him.  Just check Facebook under I'm with COCO.


  1. Just a big show by NBC. I enjoy both shows but will not stat uo to mid-night to watch Conan.

  2. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day, I greatly appreciate it, and now I'm here to spread the comment-love!

    I'm with Conan too!

  3. Sorry AM - i dont find Conan funny at all. having said that Leno doesnt exactly have me rolling on the floor either - oh yeah it's all American totally PC humour!
    They should have left well alone and left Leno on tonight and Conan with his eclectic audience much later

    just my $0.02

  4. He's not everybody's cup of tea! Some people dont find him funny at all! It's a New York style sense of humor. Dry, very dry.....

  5. Perhaps he should go back to The Simpsons and SNL as a writer. We get his show here as well and I'd rather go and watch flies buzzing on the kitchen window, that's how good I think he is as a talkshow host...