22 January 2010


Male Date-Drug
(be sure to watch the video link at the end)

Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties & local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink by any woman.

Many females use a date-drug on the market called '
Beer ' .

The drug is found in liquid form and is available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, or from taps and in large kegs.

is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them.

A woman needs only to get a guy to consume a few units of
Beer and then simply ask him home for no-strings-attached sex.

Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several
Beers , men will often succumb to the desires to sleep with horrific looking women to whom they would never normally be attracted.

After drinking
Beer , men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that 'something bad' occurred.

At other times these unfortunate men are swindled out of their life's
savings, in a familiar scam known as 'a relationship' . In extreme cases, the female may even be shrewd enough to entrap the unsuspecting male into a longer-term form of servitude and punishment referred to as 'marriage'.
Men are much more susceptible to this scam after
Beer  is administered and sex is offered by the predatory females.

forward this warning to every male you know.

If you fall victim to this '
Beer ' scam and the women administering it, there are male support groups where you can discuss the details of your shocking encounter with similarly victimized men.

For the support group nearest you, just look up 'Golf Courses'
in the phone book.

For a video to see how
Beer  works click here:

Beer Demo


  1. hilarious! where do you find those things? or rather: how do you find those things if you don't spend most of your waking hours surfing the net and searching for it? or do you? ;-)

  2. I have a good friend that provides jokes for me on a daily basis. Keeps me sane. They dont always work when I post them. Blogs can be temperamental. Happy you liked it!

  3. Hilarious!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It made my day!!

  4. errr....what does one drink...to see Maria Sharapova? :)


  5. Well Talldarman,

    I suggest you drink Golden Barrel for your specific needs. Its a popular beer in Russia....
    Let me know if its good!

  6. Thanks A2Z......I am a teetotaller....but.....anything for Maria...*dreamy eyes*


  7. I was laughing out loud while reading this! And when I got to the part about "relationship" and "marriage", I nearly choked on the OJ I was drinking! This was too funny!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you'll be back again soon!

  8. Hi Helene,

    With 4 kids under the age of 5, you bet I will be stopping by. The only thing I can offer is humor! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

  9. Hahaha! This is hilarious...At first I thought this was for real like the 'female rape drug'. I think this is a sign that I'm loosing my quick wit and need to get away from my computer every once in a while =)

    Thank you for visiting me SITSa...and I love your blogger background too! xo.