04 January 2010

Not by choice!

Stupid and Lazy Sefricans

12/30/2009 1:19:18 PM
The logic displayed by striking workers in South Africa never ceases to boggle the mind. In a country with where more than one in every four economically active people are unemployed, one would expect those with jobs will go on their knees night after night and thank God that they are fortunate enough to have a job.

Not in South Africa - here we have workers, thinking their jobs in industries, beverage and hospitality, are so critical that the timing of a strike around holidays, will give them enough muscle to leverage an exorbitant, well in excess of the inflation rate, pay increase. Here the unworthy resort to blackmail, intimidation and lies to obtain what they do not deserve, in the process displaying a distorted perception of their own worth.

The brave and clever workers, all members of the Food and Allied Workers Union and SACAWU, affiliates of Cosatu, needless to say, think their services are irreplaceable, a notion only shared by some ANC government members with the combined intelligence less than that of a moron.

The facts speak for themselves, those of us who are not unionised, who work hard and compete for jobs, many who did not get increases this year, actually did not suffer any inconvenience because of their clowning around and only found amusement in their liberation aerobics. Many of the "customers" the union tried to use as leverage in their blackmail attempts, had no money for hotels and expensive cold drinks anyway. The only ones who will suffer are the brave, lazy strikers and their families, come payday.

Truth is the majority of the strikers are unskilled or low skilled workers - cleaners, sweepers, chambermaids, dishwashers, gardening assistants, loafers and the like. The brave strikers can be replaced at the drop of the hat with people far keener to work at lower but globally competitive pay. The lower paid replacement workers will work harder and earn more than people, doing similar work, in countries like India and Indonesia. At a much-reduced cost, ABI and Southern Sun can get themselves a friendly workforce, not the sullen toyi-toying lot they currently have.

Imagine checking into a South African hotel and finding a friendly face, not the sullen bastards giving you that I-wish-I-can-slit-your-throat-look, or the bottling guy who, by looking at his face, you know he has been spitting Coke bottles just to be spiteful.

My call, to all out there who do not see fault in having to compete for jobs; go out of your way to support those who resist this lazy, government supported hostage taking beast called Cosatu. (An article from News 24).

I used to live in SA as some of you know!  Nothing seems to change!  Its just the African way to destroy and burn everything they can when there is a problem.  The ones that resist going on strike can expect to be beaten, their wife raped, their property destroyed or perhaps be killked.  The bosses make insane amounts of money for very average jobs.  Problems are never resolved because of violence.  I left 10 years ago and its sad to see that certain things never change...  But I dont think they are lazy, I think the whole country is very corrupt especially Mr. Zuma who is  busy with is 4 wives, oops the zuma-wife-o-meter just clocked it at 5! So make that 5 but there are rumors that a 6th one is pregnant....See, I told you that they were not lazy!


  1. Well At least we have good weather! Welcome to the blogging world

  2. Thanks Fishman. You guys have a lot more than nice weather: fishing, scenery, great restaurants, outdoor activities, etc...its just the crime and the "new" government that gets in the way!

  3. And best of all with the strike is that, according to reports, there has been minimal impact felt (probably only on having routes into and out of depots blocked by strikers) and temporary workers have filled all the places left open by strikers. I wonder how many of them will go back to their jobs?

  4. Thanks DMD. I'm happy that its still possible to post articles of this nature. I thought censorship was hard at work in SA. UAE has some real serious censorship going on with their newspapers. I cant imagine any strike going on there. The migrants workers I have seen in Qatar are passed out in the bus at the end of the day. Thats a whole new post...

  5. To date, the strike has been a dismal failure & literally, the only people who are suffering, are the strikers themselves - duh!
    I got involved with trade unions (here) many years ago & it didn't take long to figure out that the comrades higher up the commie ladder really couldn't give a toss about the peasants on the shop floor.