02 February 2010


At certain times of our life we have all loved and lost.  We need courage to trust and love again.  Its a slow process and when we are young the sting is so painful that we think we will never recover.  This is dedicated to someone  I love very much but is suffering from a broken heart .  This song offers a message of hope that will heal your heart.  Just remember you are beautiful inside out!  Here are my 7 days of inspiration.  Take one a day.....and feel great all week!

DAY 1:  Hard times never last.
DAY 2:  You do more good deeds than you realize!
DAY 3:  Imagining the life of your dreams is the first step toward living it!
DAY 4:  Spread some joy.  Smile!
DAY 5:  Hope is here to stay.
DAY 6:  You are what you think.  Think fabulous!
DAY 7:  Hang in there.  You can do it!

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