19 February 2010


We had more snow today!  I'm sick, sick, sick of it !  I know you cant curse Mother Nature but please send us some Vancouver weather that's ruining their Winter Olympics.  On that subject, I'm wondering why THEY are hosting the Winter Olympics?  Their flowers start blooming at the end of January while ours wont come out till the end of April (if we are lucky).  THEY dont really have winter there to be honest.  I know because I lived there a couple of  years, many moons ago.  They have snow way at the top of the Rockies while its summer at the bottom.  I will admit that it is a beautiful part of Canada but its not Winter Olympic material. Well that's just my 2 cents worth.  I'm just jealous of their balmy weather while I'm freezing my derrière here in frigid Montreal.  Well for those of you that need some cheering up here is my version of  a spring internet garden:


 Click on the snowman.  If the snowman melted (because sometimes my little icons disappear) then copy this website: 


  You will get a black page at first but then just click your mouse anywhere and everywhere and see what happens. 

Better yet, click (hold down) and drag your mouse over the black page...


  1. Thank you Unknown Mami. Guess what? They say that its going to snow all day....