04 February 2010


Aaah, the joys of ice fishing.  Its a sport enjoyed by many around the world and has been in existence for centuries. Of course you need a frozen body of water, a fishing pole, warm clothes and patience.  Some people love it as a pastime in winter and others think it sucks.  Here is my compilation of pictures on the topic:


Now in this picture we can see 2 newly arrived Canadians that are confused as to the best time of the year to fish.  Guys, the best time to fish is in February and not April.  OK, next:

This is ice fishing in Korea.  There are many countries participating in ice-fishing and as you can see they all have their own techniques of catching fish.  I am hoping there is enough fish for all these people.


Here is a different form of ice-fishing.  Might make women take up the sport! OK boys dont forget about the shrinkage factor and I'm not talking about the fish here!

Ice fishing is a competitive sport.  Even the Coke Bear (made famous in Coke commercials) gets hungry. But there should be enough for everyone!  You could be on his menu if you get to close.  OK, next you will see a demonstration about keeping your distances:

And finally this where I used to go in Ste-Anne de la Pérade in Québec. 


Its a great way for families to have fun during the day and party at night.  So what do you think?  Is it fun or does it suck?


  1. Nice pictures...:) But, for me.....+8 degC is freezing point (my...freezing point). So would rather keep indoors...preferably in bed ( :D) ...on such icy days :P

    I don't consume food that moves (by itself)...too lazy for that. So fishing is outta my purview. ;) Must be fun for quite a few folks though.


  2. Hi TD,

    Actually, a lot of people do stay in bed when its freezing while others just love the outdoors. For them, the colder the better. I guess you are not a big fan of the winter olympics then...

  3. I must admit the 'cold' made a real change when I was in the UK & Ireland in December, but honestly, I simply couldn't handle living in a cold climate again :-) I twas bad enough in the Mmiddle East, when winter temps would plummet to 20C!!

  4. Hi Jayne,

    I know exactly what you mean. I was due back in Qatar this month. I could not wait to get out of here and swim in the beautiful warm pool where we live but my youngest daughter became very ill and now the hubby is packing up his things and moving back to frigid Canada. So much for traveling. We were supposed to go to either Egypt or Turkey as well.

  5. Ice, no ice, sea any fishing, there is only one way, - Handgrenade from 20 meters!