16 February 2010

What happened in your birth year?

I found this site where if you click your birth year it will detail everything of importance that happened (especially the fact that your marvelous self was born that year) that year .  I found out what movies were playing, what best sellers people were reading, what top songs were playing, what wars were being fought and of course that technology was non-existent during that decade.  It made me feel so ancient and it is also a fact that my own kids keep reminding me of, everyday without fail.  Did I ever do the same thing to my own parents?  If I did I'm sorry! 
So go ahead click on it, you wont be disappointed....

  What happened in my birth year?___

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  1. So, according to this site, I preexist even the universe as we know it. Wow!


  2. Wonder what year WE put in. But we all have existed before, and will exist even after our death. It's a cycle. We all are one. ;)

    But, amusing recall of events.


  3. Cool....I will check this out right now, though I've no doubt it will soon make me feel older than dirt.

  4. Hi Talldarkman,

    I would plonk in this lifetime's birth year for now.... LOL

    Hi Wonder Wye,

    My daughter played along and it even teased her a bit about how technology has advanced in the last little while and she is only 20. So play along its just a game...

  5. I'm thinking that my birth was probably the most important event that year, oui?

  6. That depends if we have the same birth year, oui? LOL (:D)

  7. So basically my birth year was the year of Rocky :D
    Alright, the RAF trials started as well, Apple was founded and Western Sahara declared its independance - but you have to set priorities ;-)

  8. What an interesting website & I must admit I've had a good few chuckles reading through all that happened in the year of me being hatched :-)
    Wonderful link hon - well done :-)

    Gottas ask tho', why do you keep changing your template?

  9. Older than dirt, that's what I am. Cool site....thanks for sharing. I might steal it today. I'll give you a shout when I do.

  10. Hi Salty,

    Well you birth year was certainly busy I must say. I was born somewhere during the Antiquities so there was no need to set priorities Haha!

  11. Hi Jayne,

    I was wondering if you did not have food poisoning after eating the "breathing" meat LOL

    Yes I must admit its fun to see what the world was doing the year we were born. Must say not much was happening when I "happened". I guess that's why so many baby boomers were born! LOL

    Happy you like my blog. I'm trying to personalize it a bit more at the moment. I've had a really bad 2 weeks lately. My 20 year old fainted and they determined she had a mild heart attack out of nowhere. Now its been downgraded to Sinus Tachycardia. She is supposed to take Beta-blockers but she insists she will get better on her own. Anyway its a long story. I was supposed to be in Qatar for 2 months when this all happened. Thank goodness I had postponed my trip to be with my friend for her birthday. I have now canceled my trip all together and Glenn quit his job in Qatar. So now we are all back together to mend my daughter's heart. Hope it works.

    To answer your last question, its just for fun. I guess I am in the process of tweaking it or as somebody famous once answered: because its there or in my case: its free and its fun and its therapy for me at the moment! :)

  12. Hi Sandy,

    Happy you enjoyed it but I have to admit it made me feel ancient with regards with technology. Go ahead and use it on your site. Its not mine anyway to start with. Enjoy!

  13. Hi hon, I'm so sorry to read about your daughter & I hope she recovers fully from what must've been a frightening experience for you all.
    Can't say I blame Glenn for pulling out of Qatar - we both know that various Sandpits tend to suck you dry. There's work here if he's interested LOL
    Take care darlin'

  14. Thanks Jayne,

    In regards to Glenn, ya might say that "I" pulled him out of the big sandpit. He was coming home whether he wanted to or not. Sometimes as a woman you have to grow a pair....
    I would not mind living in SA again, minus the crime. He has something here for the moment but one never knows.

  15. That was fun!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Thanks for posting the link

  16. Happy Sits Day! This website was really cute, although watching the calendar count back to my birth year was a little depressing! :) This is a very cute blog, and you look like a pro! I'm still trying to learn. My blog is for Teens and Parents of teens who want to know what's in the YA books out there. Stop by if you're interested! www.ReadingTeen.blogspot.com

  17. Hi Samsstuff,

    Thanks for your visit!

  18. Hi Andria,

    Thanks. I'm no pro at this I just started during the Christmas holidays. Its a lot of trial and error. I'll certainly go visit your blog!