21 February 2010


I love to watch short movies.  Maybe because I have a short attention span.  The movie GET OUT is a really interesting short movie about Gary who has a strange phobia.  I will not tell you what it is because it is something I have never heard about and I will let you make up you own mind about it.  His phobia is only revealed at the end....It is rather surprising!

I started thinking about phobias, mine as well as others.  I dont think I know of anyone that does not have an irrational fear or phobia.  What is the difference between fear and phobia.  I checked Wikipedia on the subject and this is what they wrote:  An intense and persistent fear of certain situations and activities, animals and people.  It also says that phobias are the most common mental illness among women in all age groups and the second most common illness among men older than 25.  Personally, I would not label and intense fear, a mental illness, but rather a condition.  I was going to print a list of different phobias but the list is too long.  When I completed my psychology degree ( a few years ago, ahem) I remember the list containing perhaps 50 or more phobias now that list has grown to include hundreds.  I remember there being fears of bridges, spiders, snakes, etc. But now the list includes some strange and frankly  "funny" ones:

CYBERPHOBIA:  a fear of computers of working with one (my husband is afflicted by this one)

EUPHOBIA:  a fear of good news.  How weird is that?

GELIOPHOBIA:  a fear of laughter.  Imagine spending you life without laughing... : (

PLUTOPHOBIA:  a fear of the character Pluto.  Think again.  Its a fear of wealth.  Like $$$$!

OBESOPHOBIA:  a fear of gaining weight.  I know a few million women afflicted by this condition.

CHIONOPHOBIA:  a fear of snow.  I get this around the end of February each year or is a hatred of snow?

I could not find Gary's phobia listed (main character in GET OUT).  I promise you will fall in love with Gary.  The movie is from L'École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (2009-2010).  The imagery is excellent.  Enjoy!

Please click on the following link to watch the video 
(might be an annoying commercial prior to the film)
or watch it below!  Whatever works !

Get Out
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  1. very funny video. I like the twist at the end.

  2. Hi Anon,

    Yes I agree. Its not what you would expect!

  3. One of my good friends is afraid of cotton balls. Like REALLY afraid of them. She said it's something about the noise they make and I'm like "noise they make!?" It's so strange the kinds of things that can freak people out!

  4. Hi Salt,

    Wow, that is weird! I wonder what noise a falling cotton ball makes LOL Thanks for visiting!

  5. Don't tell me! ;O) I can't view it but I've bookmarked it to watch when my husband comes back and kicks the computer about a bit. :O)

    I check under my pillow every night for spiders but I don't freak out; I had to train myself to scream inwardly as I didn't want to pass it on to the kids. Now that they can happily pick them up and throw them outside, I can react a little more. Thank goodness! xx

  6. Arachnophobia! This is a very common fear. Thank goodness you dont live in Australia. They have the biggest ones there. I wont go into details but lets say when these poor critters where in my house I had no choice but to kill them and because of their size it took a while before I was sure they were dead Eeech! Of course I will not get into the dreaded Funnel-web and the Redback known to cause death.

  7. Returning the compliment and have popped over to have a look around your blog :)

  8. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.
    There are some strange phobias out there. One of my kids is scared of popcorn! Go figure.

  9. Hi Lindy Lou,

    Glad you came for a look!

  10. Hi Panamamama,

    Hey, I lived for a short while in North Little Rock. That's a real good place to raise children. Afraid of popcorn? That's sort of cute in some way! But you're right I never heard of that. Take care.

  11. I really enjoyed the video.

    Can I say that I have a phobia of phobias?

  12. Hi UM,

    Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, you can say you have a phobia of phobias, view the first image on my post LOL

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog on Monday and helping to make my SITS day special. you mentioned obesophobia, but did you know there is also a fear of fat people "Cacomorphobia"?

  14. Hi Elizabeth,

    If you say it, I believe you! The humand mind is very complex....