24 March 2010


Today I got to witness the wonder of a spring day. The air and sun felt so wonderful after a long, gray winter. I noticed daffodils pushing through the cold, wet ground. They give me hope that soon green and vibrant colors will arrive.  

Witness a painting from Barbara Nuss, American fine art painter living in Woodbine, Maryland.
Below is her set-up.  She put silk daffodils in a vase. This was her inspiration. You can see that she lightened the background in the finished product. I'm always in awe of talented painters. I cant paint to save my life.  

Now below are my own daffodils:

(wait for it)


What can I say......I live in Canada.  But pretty soon, give or take a few weeks they will look like this:

Are there any signs of spring where you live?    

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  1. That painting is so beautiful - I'm like you, I would love to be able to paint but I don't know how. We have had a few days of spring... no daffodils yet.

  2. I wish spring was here - it seems this year as if it will never come. Usually this time of year we are already breaking out the sandals and capris and yet at the weekend we had yet more snow and sub-zero temperatures. Right now it is pouring with rain. But the end is in sight - warm weather should finally reach us this weekend. I can't wait!

  3. The picturs were beautiful. Soon God will cause His flowers to busrt forth and beautify His earth for our enjoyment. And enjoy them we will.
    Your new follower.

  4. Awesome redo on your blog! Yes, there are daffs pushing up through the dirt here....no snow though!

  5. nope. It snowed today, but there are daffodils here somewhere! :)

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Maybe we should take lessons. I've been telling myself this all my life. As a teacher I often find myself asking the students to draw things on the board for me....LOL

  7. Hi Covnit,

    Yes, we just have to be patient.

  8. Hi Aging mom,

    Same here. Last week people were wearing shorts. This week they are wearing ski jackets...(groan)

  9. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks. I change my blog every other day. Since the picture was taken, the snow has melted. We did get up this morning with an inch of snow but thank goodness it melted. Yeaaaaa!

  10. Anne-Marie.........interested to know if you don't have a middle name then?

    I don't - it's just Anne Marie - and you actually are THE first Anne Marie I have ever met......

    So nice to have you on the farm - and I can't wait to get to know you better!

    my little 2 year old is sitting here waving at your Mona Lisa and doing the cheek thing she's doing too........hilarious!

  11. Hi Anne-Marie,

    My full Christian name is Anne-Marie Hélène. Thanks for visiting me in my own little "Paris". Your farm is beautiful. You have such good taste in decorating. Its the closes I can be to it at the moment...I have met one other Anne-Marie blogger. She is Canadian as well but not friendly at all. I decided to take another chance. I must say I'm happy I did. You sound very nice. Your two year old sounds adorable.

    Hope you get the chance to click my "follow" button. These are the bloggers that I stay in touch with. Sorry for my English. Sometimes I make mistakes. Anyway, I hope we can stay in touch.

    Au revoir,

    Anne-Marie : )

  12. You are sooo creative and I just loved your blog!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my SITS DAY!

  13. Your blog entry has me wanting daffodils for breakfast-- not to eat, but to merely breathe in all their lusciousy! But with no real 'dillies in sight, I probably have to settle for just brushing my teeth with some Windsor & Newton. Being that it's tubed just like it, it should work just as well as toothpate, only daffodillier, don't you think? Ahhhh, spring! I can almost taste it. LOL!

    P.S. What a lovely read this has been-- springtime-inspirey!

  14. Hi Sparkle Farkle,

    Thanks. I'm just questioning myself about the smell of daffies. Do they smell anything? Never noticed beore. Thanks for the vist!


  15. Yep, they smell like yellow! (P.S. We both wear the same Mona Lisa on our blog page. Great minds appreciate the same "art," I guess. LOL!)