22 March 2010


I have spring fever.  I checked  Google and it confirms it. It says that the term applies to a set of physical and psychological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring. It manifests itself with an increase of energy and vitality and in my case, perhaps, delirium. I have dedicated a whole post with many pictures (probably too many, I lost count) on rosebuds.  I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did creating it. 

I love pot-pourri.  I have it all over the house.  I especially like  rosebuds. They are nice to look at especially if placed in a glass container. I love the smell!

I have many rose bushes in my yard.  They bloom all summer long. I love it when its a warm windy day. Their gentle perfume spreads in my  house.

Many artists, painters and poets were inspired by rosebuds (and now bloggers).  Here are two portraits painted in 1909 by J.W. Waterhouse entitled Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May. I love the gentleness of the girl picking roses as well as the one offering a bouquet in a small vase.

I love vintage pictures. I found this vintage postcard from the early 20th century. I you look closely it is decorated with tiny pink rosebuds. I wonder what it says on the back...

I also found beautiful writing paper.  If I had to write a letter to someone special I know I would used this one.  Beautiful paper inspires me and I feel more creative.   Dear.....

While I lived in South Africa I took a stamping class.  At the particular studio where I was there was a wide selection of stamps.  It was difficult to decide which one to use.  They were all really beautiful. I was not a particularly talented stamper but I enjoyed watching my teachers create beautiful cards.  Here is one such stamp:  A little rosebud angel.  Imagine using this stamp and then tinting it with different colored pigments. Beautiful!

I had 2 girls so you can imagine the fun I had dressing them when they were little. Pink was a dominant color in their wardrobe as they were groing up. Here is a cute little pair of shoes decorated with rosebuds.  Add a pair of cute lacey socks and a fashionista is born...

While we are on the topic of babies I am sure that you have all heard of Ann Geddes.  She is an Australian born photographer who is known the world over for her stylized depiction of babies.  I could not resist posting these  adorable pictures of babies:
The first in the collection is  two rosebud Easter bunnies: 

There is a little rosebud sleeping in one.  All together now:  aaaaawwww!

This is the happiest baby I have ever seen. She loves her roses.......

Adults love rosebuds as well.  We like to smell them and enjoy admiring their beauty. But  you can make  excellent tea using rosebuds.  I tasted rosebud tea.  One of my students offered it to me for Christmas. Its excellent and good for you:

If you go to Paris you must go to Fauchon..They make patisseries that is out of this world and confitures (jams).  On such jam that I really enjoy because of its unique flavor is Rose Petal Jam.  

Try it on a baguette with a bit of crème fraîche or cream cheese.  Mmmmm! Irrésistible!  Can you see the curly rose petal?  Mmmm!


And while you are at the pâtisserie, why not buy des petits gâteaux au fondant.  They are as pretty as they are delicious!  And look, they have tiney rosebuds on top!

And finally a touch of whimsy.  Have you ever tried putting rosebuds in an ice cube container and adding a little water, freezing them and using them in  your favorite drink.?  Its always a crowd pleaser.  My daughters
    love them.  Here is another idea.  Why not fill an ice bucket with rosebuds ice cubes.  Serve it to someone very special.....

Well I hope you enjoyed my theme today "Rosebud Monday".  Pink is a relaxing soothing color.   I might just do this again....

Bonne journée à tous mes amis!

I wonder if my Pug likes pink.  I can just see her dressed in a pink outfit for Easter.....

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  1. Your picture of the Eifel Tower brought back lots of memories. back in the '50...I climbed it. I forget how many steps there were, but my legs are still tired. I'm a follower.

  2. Enjoy your Spring fever! I hope it's contagious.

  3. Oooh, I'm so in the mood now for Spring (and Summer) with this rose post! If only you could pipe rose smell into our computers as we read this.

    The jam sounds scrumptious. Last summer I made Queen Ann's Lace jelly and it tastes like fairy food. Some day when I get my hands on enough rose petals, I want to try making rosebud jelly because it has to be heavenly!

    It was so interesting to hear your girls attended some Montessori schooling! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. This 'Rosebud Monday is just so dear!~ Love it the pictures are adorable!..,

    Cheers and hugs

  5. I love those little baby pics! Rosebuds are sweet and delicate. Love it!

  6. I LOVE this post! Such beautiful photos and such pretty sentiments. I still can't believe English is not your first language! I think you're pulling my leg.

  7. How fun! I feel so Rosy all over! Bon jour! (I don't know French at all and don't even know if I used that right and I'm sure my accent was way off...)

  8. Hi everyone thanks for the comments:

    Hi Covnit, 50 years ago? Its time for a new visit!

    Mami, yes I'm enjoying it! Went by your blog. Its a marvel of technology (for me anyway). I tried to post something today but there were technical problems. Too many people trying to comment I guess. You are THAT popular!

    Hi TJ, I never tasted Queen Anne Lace jelly. Sounds good with that name. Take care.

    Wanda Lee, I hope you are feeling less tired. I will be over for the famed tea party for two. Looks like there will be many people.

    McVall, thanks sweetie. You are so nice. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

    Sandy, You have been showering me with compliments lately. Again thank you. If we spoke on the phone you would notice my accent tout de suite....

    Double Wide, You are saying Bonjour just fine. I'm still laughing about your blue paint story. Take care!

  9. If you are interested tomorrow there will be a Tea Party at Wanda Lea's blog: The Plumed Pen. Just go to her blog and register. Should be fun!

  10. I too have spring fever! Great collection of images....I love those Anne Gedes pics with those cute little babies in the flowers. Also that rose jam looks to die for and I will have to go hung some down now. BUT the pic of that pug is my favorite because I am pug obsessed!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    PS thanks for stopping by Bardot in Blue I am happy to have you as a reader and even happier to call myself your new reader in Paris!

  11. Hi,

    Am a new reader and I love your blog. Plus I love the fact tht I can brush up my high school French using the gadget in your sidebar:-)
    Amazing pictures and yes, spring fever is totally here:-)

  12. Anne-Marie, Your post is really beautiful! I love it!

  13. What a wonderful selection of pictures! My favorite is the one with tiny roses frozen in ice. :-) I love roses and have three rose bushes in my garden. Can not wait for Summer - they blossom in the most gorgeous colors of pink, yellow and red!

  14. Anne-Marie your blog is full of wonderful photos - it is refreshingly different. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and visiting from SITS. I am now following you too.

    I am English, have lived in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and now the US. My french is a little rusty but I can work on that.

    Have a wonderful day

  15. Hi Bardot in Bleu,

    Merci d'être venu me voir. I cant wait for your next shopping expedition. You are so lucky!


  16. Hi Prerna,

    Welcome to my blog. Your are my first South Asian reader. I am delighted to see you have found your way back here. Hope to see you again real soon!

  17. Hi Couture,

    Thanks for stopping by! I also love those frozen rose ice cubes. It wont be long now before we start seeing those rosebuds. Take care!

  18. Hi Aging Mommy,

    That sounds rude. LOL I would rather call you English Rose! I see you have lived in different places as well. Good for you. No need to worry about French here. Its all for fun! Take care!

  19. Your blog is beautiful! I am over the top in love with your idea of rosebuds in ice cubes and I am putting that on my list of things I must do soon. They are so pretty!


  20. Bonjour Madame,

    I also love this idea. There is so much you can do with roses. Thank you for visiting!