08 May 2010

Luce Poirier-Authier, BoNnE fÊtE dEs MaMaNs

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Here is a beautiful song by Linda Lemay a local Montréal singer.  Its a lovely tribute to mothers. Its very poetic.  In her song she describes what a mom is throughout her life:

  A mom works full time always sleeping with one eye open.  She is always on call and runs at the first sound of a strange noise.  Her nights are short and her days can be long at the expense of her looks and her youth!

A mother can't do it all but she always tries her best.  When a woman becomes a mom she often forgets about herself and mostly lives for her children.

A mother will always protect you even when her hair is full of "snow"...A mother will always try  be there for you until...  Even when she is sick and old she will want to be with her family at least for one last picture,  She will not complain and will cry secretly.  She will wait for God to visit her and then will give herself permission for the first time to fall  asleep with both eyes closed.  A mother should never leave but there is nothing we can say or do....

Very beautifully written and sung.  Have a listen:

You can read the words as Linda Lemay sings this touching song:
                                            UNE MÈRE
Ca travaille à temps plein, ça dort un œil ouvert
C’est de garde comme un chien
Ca court au moindre petit bruit, ça se lève au petit jour
Ca fait des petites nuits.
C’est vrai, ça crève de fatigue
Ca danse à tout jamais une éternelle gigue
Ca reste auprès de sa couvée
Au prix de sa jeunesse, au prix de sa beauté
Une mère
Ca fait ce que ça peut, ça ne peut pas tout faire
Mais ça fait de son mieux.
Une mère,
Ca calme des chamailles
Ca peigne d’autres cheveux que sa propre broussaille
Une mère
C'est plus comme les autres filles
Ca oublie d'être fière
Ca vit pour sa famille
Une mère,
Ca se confine au bercail
C'est pris comme un noyau
dans le fruit de ses entrailles
Une mère
C’est là qu’ça nous protège
Avec les yeux pleins d’eau, les cheveux pleins de neige
Une mère
A un moment, ça se courbe, ça grince quand ça se penche
Ca n’en peut plus d’être lourde
Ca tombe, ça se brise une hanche
Puis rapidement, ça sombre
C’est son dernier dimanche
Ca pleure et ça fond à vue d'oeil
Ca atteint la maigreur des plus petits cercueils
O bien sûr, ça veut revoir ensemble
toute sa progéniture entassée dans sa chambre
Et ça fait semblant d’être encore forte
Jusqu’à ce que son cadet ait bien refermé la porte
Et lorsque, toute seule ça se retrouve
Ca attend dignement que le firmament s’entr’ouvre
Et puis là, ça se donne le droit
De fermer pour une première fois les deux yeux à la fois
Une mère
Ça ne devrait pas partir
Mais on n'y peut rien faire mais on n'y peut rien dire.
Une mère....
Dedicated to my mother, Luce Poirier-Authier, may your rest in peace!

To all the moms around the world, HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! 


  1. That song is just beautiful ... the words are so true ... thanks for stopping by and following me, i'm following you are well!

  2. Hi Jo,

    I'm happy you liked it!

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  4. That was beautiful Thank you. Here in UK it wa sMothers day in March but I don't mind being reminded that I am a Mum I wont expect the treats tho.

  5. Bonjoue Anne-Marie,
    THis is such a beautiful song, thanks for sharing. Thank for coming by to visit. You have a beautiful blog. I'll be a following and will be back soon.
    Happy Mother's Day to you,

  6. Thank you for your follower link - very much appreciated!

    Bonne fete des mamans aujourd'hui!

    Have a great week ahead & I look forward to *seeing* you again!


  7. This is lovely.

    I hope you have a beautiful Mother's day too.

    Best wishes,

  8. Some how, it's more beautiful in French. I've forgotten much of my French, but I was able to follow along. Thanks for the translation. Again, very beautiful.

  9. What a beautiful song - and yep, that just about sums it up. Long days, short nights, sleeping with one eye open all at the expense of beauty. I never fully appreciated my mom until I had my own kids. Too bad for my mom I waited until she was almost 70 to learn the lesson. But she's not letting me forget it now;D

    Happy Mom's Day to you!

  10. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you. I keep forgetting that MD is on different dates around the world. Well then, Happy Mothering Day because that's what we do the rest of the time! :)

  11. Bonjour Mimi,

    Thank you. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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    Thanks! You are lucky that your mom has given you the gift of a big family. Enjoy!

  15. Hi Teddy,

    My kids are 20 and 22 now so I get to sleep in finally! I cant wait for them to have kids of their own. I will be doing some reminding of my own LOL

  16. Happy Mothers Day darlin ;-)
    Unfortunately my internet speed runs between snails pace & hopeless at the moment, but from what everyone has said, the song is beautiful. Most appropriate for a beautiful Mom like yourself xxxx

  17. What a beautiful song, Happy Mother's Day!


  18. That's lovely, thanks for sharing and educating :)

  19. What a lovely song! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  20. Happy mother's day, thanks for visiting my blog and following...have a loveday always..