01 May 2010


I had a pretty good week considering the mess in my house.  We are renovating the whole house.  What was I thinking? Yes, the whole house!  In my head, it just seemed like the right thing to do.  Get it over once and for all and then I would live happily ever after. POOF:  Like a fairy tale  The house of my dreams would appear. My gosh!  Its more like a nightmare, really.  I had a mental schedule of what was supposed to happen,  first the floors,  and then the counters, etc...  But, voilà, life does not happen like you plan it.  Today, for example, I found out that the granite counter that was supposed to be installed Monday will take another month.  So now,  everything  else is on hold because I had to cancel people scheduled to help with the back splash  and then I  had to postpone painters..Nobody knows, if I will ever see these people again.  They all have other customers..Its a vicious cycle.  This is a pretty common theme in my life.  I make beautiful plans in my head but then life happens.... Anyway, it was nice to see that 2 blogger friends thought of me.

Awards! for moi! How sweet!  Merci beaucoup!

The first one is from SARAH.  Her blog Confessions of an untenured teacher is quite a riot.  She is a wonderful writer.  Her posts are always insightful and reveal what many of us teachers deal with on a daily basis.  When I need a pick- me-up, I click on her website and I'm never disappointed and I can usually  relate to everything she writes on so many levels.  Awards come with responsibilities.  Sarah, the good teacher that she is, gave me homework.    In this case I have to reveal 10 personal things about myself and then relay the honor to 3 other bloggers:

Here are 3 blogs that I love to read.  I have a weakness for humor (and chocolate).   These 3 blogs that I have chosen  are full of humor and insight about life in general.

The first one is by Browneyes of The White blue Sky .  The blog's  former name was Larry's Ass.  At first Brown Eyes  thought this was funny and cute (and it was) but then due to all the link  feeds,  her blog was being solicited  by less scrupulous bloggers. Hence, the new improved name.  She is (was) a working mom.  She just made a big decision of becoming a SAHM.  Congratulations.  I think you have to follow your heart.

My second choice is Eva Gallant of Wrestling with retirement.  This blogger has so many awards that they are now featured in a slide widget at the bottom of her blog.  She has been many things in life. She, also was  a teacher.  Might it be that to survive in the teaching world, one needs to have a really good sense of humor?  The jury is still out.  If you need a pick-me up then head on up to her blog! I'm not sure if she still accepts awards....

Finally, my third choice is Leah Rubin of Funny is the new Young.  She is another wonderful blogger with a wicked sense of humor!  In 2008, she won first place at the Emma Bombeck writing competition. We are lucky to be able to access her funny posts for free.

My second award is from a new blogger:  Mhel of Pens, pans and puns.
  She is a medical internist with many talents. One of her passion is cooking.  If you happen to be very hungry DO NOT VISIT HER BLOG.  You will immediately salivate.  She uses exotic spices and herbs with which she cooks the most fascinating food. 

Now the next award is the SUNSHINE AWARD!

Thanks Mhel for thinking of me.  You are very sweet friend all the way from the Philippines.  I'm honored.!  My duties with this award,  is to post 5 to 6 blogs that I love reading.  This will be a hard task.  I read so many of them.  There are so many quality blogs out there.  Some are just so lovely by their presentation of inspirational material, recipes, fun blog hops, themes, daily snippets of SAHM, etc.  I will post 5 blogs now and the rest I will post at a later date.  It reminds me of what certain school principals ask me to do:  please chose the best student in such and such a subject.  I dont like to chose the best of....even when it comes to adults.  Life is competitive and choices are subjective anyway.  I dont like hurting people's feelings at all.  So here goes,  I started my career as a blogger in January and  here are the first five blogs I linked to.  I loved them now and still do:

Unknown mami:    She is an actress with a great sense of humor and her blog is always full of surprises. She has so many followers that I'm jealous LOL

Natasha at 5 minutes just for me!    Natasha lives in Australia and she has such a beautiful blog full of ideas on recipes and decor .  Have a look, you won't be disappointed.  She is also a teacher.

Sandy and Pam  of Wisdom of Words have put together a very ingenious blog of their favorite bloggers. Its a palette of different bloggers that write on a variety of subjects.  I'm predicting that you will become a follower. I've known Sandy from way back in January 2010 LOL.  I was seduced by her stories of her trip to South Africa. Her blog Its a Jungle out There! is really quite interesting. 

Shell of Things I cant Say! was also a teacher but put it all aside to take care of her  boys.  She says it like it is!  She is straightforward and  very entertaining!

And finally, Rachel Cotterill.  She is a writer and a PhD student.  She lives in Great Britain with her husband and her blog contains fascinating information about a wide variety of subjects.  Her blog is really like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you will get each time you click on her website .  She is one smartcookie!

OK,   here is the infamous list.  Please dont compare it to David Letterman's 10 best list because its not.  Its my lame attempt to satisfy the demand of my first award " HONEST SCRAP"  Here are 10 things that will reveal that perhaps I should be locked up. Its mostly a list of things that tick me off.  Thank goodness for the anonymity of blogging:

  1. The ticking of a clock when I'm trying to sleep drives me crazy!
  2. I'm addicted to Coronation Street. There, I feel better now that its out in the open!
  3. Cigarette butts thrown on the ground...it's littering! Why do smokers think they are exempt from this type of littering?
  4. This ticks me off: Children whining and crying in stores (late at night) and parents don't "get it" that they are either hungry or tired and want to go home! I get some real urges to tell these young parents off.  I did once. I left the store immediately.  My husband was not impressed.  He figured I was the one that was cranky and was tired and needed to go home....
  5. Another thing that ticks me off: When the toilet paper roll is finished and it's not replaced,especially when the cupboard can be reached from where you are sitting!
  6. People who don't clean up after themselves (ahem, are my kids reading this?)
  7. E-mails that say something bad will happen if you don't pass it on to X many people in an X amount of time. There are enough worries and stresses in the world without sending these letters!
  8.  I'm a perfectionist in certain things.  It sometimes becomes a OCD.  My first language is French and it bothers me how much I still  really struggle, even after all these years  with English semantics and syntax... I guess the struggle will never end...
  9. During this last year I have needed to eat a chocolate bar almost every day, sometimes 2.  I mean , I have to have it or else...
  10. There are times I become addicted to blogging. It seems to come and go. When I have an attack I cant stop visiting blogs and commenting.  Its like I'm on a mission...   So there you have it , chers amis (dear friends).  Love you all!  


    1. Great list! (And thank you for the kind words about me... I'm blushing) It sounds like you are addicted to chocolate bars in the same way I'm addicted to ice cream :)

    2. Congratulations on your awards!

      I loved your list and agree 100%!!!

    3. Aww, thank you. And I love your list :)

    4. Congratulations on both of your awards! THANK YOU for awarding me the Honest Scrap award! I am honored and grateful for your kind words! :)


    5. @Sarah,
      It just seems that most teachers I know are addicted to sugar...LOL

      @Queenie Jeannie,
      Thanks sweetie.

      You deserve it!

      I meant everything I said!

    6. Congratulations on the awards and thank you for spreading some sunshine my way. Think calming thoughts during the remodel.

    7. Hi! sorry for the sooo late reply... Im glad you appreciate it! You deserve it! You bring sunshine to a lot of people! Love lots!!