07 May 2010

Water pedaling or vélo en piscine!

Here is an e-mail I received today (somebody must think I need this!):

On the surface, everything appears normal. You are simply splashing about in a cozy urban pool. But under the water, your legs are slaving, pedaling their way out of winter cellulite. This is no torture device. It’s aqua biking.

This new sports center, specializing in aqua biking, is nested in a charming courtyard of the Cité Popincourt, under a large glass roof. What they ask of you is very easy. Put your bikini on, enter the pool, choose one of the bikes fixed to the bottom and start pedaling. All that cycling under water, for at least 45 minutes, massages your body and erases cellulite much more efficiently than any other method. The stimulating music and teacher help you focus on the exercise and forget about your escape plan.

Three words to keep in mind : lovely summer legs.
Personally I would require quite a few classes and then some lipo!  They even left the phone # and address:
Aqua biking classes at the Maison Popincourt
4 cité Popincourt 75011 Paris, Metro St Ambroise
Tel : 00 33 1 43 38 96 84
30 € for a 45 min class, towel available on demand
25 € if you sign up for 10 classes
I've never heard of this but it sounds like we could get a serious work-out without harming knees and what not.  I' m trying to find an application for our frozen lakes here in Canada....  
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  1. When ever I get an email ad for weight loss I feel like someone is spying on me. How did they know I am so fat? Jeesh.

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  4. Happy Friday Follow! I haven't tried the aqua bike yet, but I have heard it is a great workout for the legs....

  5. hahhah, frozen lakes! Never heard of this exercise either but water does provide good resistance-- might be fun.

    Happy Friday Follow!

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  7. Hmmm interesting. I've never heard anything like that before.
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  10. I loved your post below about Paris. How cool to have friends living there. I am jealous. Loved your quip about taking bigger jeans :) I never heard about this either but it might be fun to try it.

  11. Never heard of aqua biking. Sounds like a good workout though.

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  12. what will they think of next? i think i will put a unicycle in my bathtub and watch the cellulite disappear!

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  14. I've never been much of a pool person. I like to bike best when it's all downhill. I'm sadly un-athletic if you couldn't tell :)

  15. Hi Anne Marie, Nice place you have here.

    Any water exercise preserves the joints, but I'm guessing aqua biking would be a killer workout!

  16. I think that idea is pretty clever. Here in AZ where it is so flippin hot, we could use something like that!! LOL


  17. Aqua biking?! I'm in! I'm draggin my old stationary bike out of the attic and dropping it in my pool right now. Well, actually, I'm sitting on the sofa reading blogs and eating oreo cookies - which are excellent activities for cellulite (formation) ;p

    Found you from the Happiness Project, or Follow Friday - not sure which.

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