28 May 2010

Smart, skillful and sexy!

Today I'm using adjectives starting with S to describe a young painter, Eugen Chisnicean (25).  He has been described as a virtuoso by some.  I would like to describe his artwork as:


Paris Hilton would probably describe  Eugen Chisnicean,  as hot but because I'm participating in a letter S  blog hop, I will have to use the adjective "sexy" or should I be more subtle?.  Well, you be the judge:
If you are feeling a bit warm by all his charm have a look at this winter landscape to cool you down!

Now have a look at some other watercolor paintings;  just remember he is only 25! These are scenes (landscapes) from the Bordeaux region in France.

Its really silly of me to be so excited but if you are interested in seeing more of his artwork, you can visit his website at www.eugenchisnicean.com .  He is also on Facebook and yes I'm a serious fan! 

Today, I'm participating in two bloghops:

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  1. Beautiful painting, sweet artist - great post!

  2. Wow - what amazing work from such a young man, thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Actually, I very much like these paintings! They have quality. I would hang them in my house and appreciate them daily.

    Although I am waaaay too old to call him "Hot"... :)

  4. He's an amazing artist for only being 25. I guess he must have a gift for it. Great S post and I would say he looks quite sexy LOL.

  5. Hi Anne-Marie!!
    Come on over and join the fun!! All new for Friday!! Its the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!
    Make new friends and most of all...have fun!
    Hope to see you there!!

  6. wow! what a brilliant artist, and yeah Paris is right, he's hot! U

  7. Pretty boy and pretty paintings!!

  8. Oh no! An amazing watercolorist. I am in deep trouble.

    His work is amazing for his age...and I think he probably is hot but I'm way tooo old and tired to even really notice anything more than his brush work. Ummm.... OK, I hope that came out OK!

    It is lovely to see you linked her. This was a wonderful surprising stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "S"!


  9. I say "SSsssss" to those buns!! ;)

  10. I believe you described this young man perfectly! He really is very talented. I love watercolor paintings.

  11. I'm a new follower. Beautiful blog header!! I found ya through follow me Friday or the Social parade. I can't remember which. This is my first time participating in both those blog parties. Have a great weekend!

  12. What a fantastic S post! Love the art and love your beautiful blog as well! Just gorgeous!!!

  13. Thanks for the heads up. Fun sidetrip on my Saturday. He is amazing. Amazing work at such an age.

    Are you an art teacher in Montreal? Anyway, enjoy the France trip. Sounds great.

  14. He is very skillful and his paintings are just fantastic!

  15. Oh to be 22 again so I could drool a little. ;) Seriously tho, he is very talented. What a great use of the letter S.

  16. Hello

    he is simply beautiful...wow!!!!!!
    He is totally hot..I think so


    nice day

  17. What talent! LOove these painting!

  18. Such a talented young artist! Thanks for introducing me to him. As far as chandeliers go, they are definitely "in style", but credentialed interior designers don't put them over bath tubs because of the risk of electrical shock. If you have a very high ceiling, your local building code might allow it, but it would have to be quite high above the tub. Maybe a chandelier for candles, instead? That would be very pretty, and so romantic!

  19. Wonderful artist. Thanks for sharing his work! And also thank you for stopping by my S post!

  20. He wrote to me personally through Facebook! Ah! Be still my heart! Here is what he wrote:

    Eugen Chisnicean May 29 at 10:35am
    Merci Anne-Marie !
    Nice to meet you !
    Your blog is great surprise for me , thanks!

  21. he is amazing and pretty easy on the eyes too....shoot, I bet he can paint his own toenails...talent!