11 May 2010

Bucket or Bouquet, the lady of the house speaking....

Hi Friends,

Today is Tuesday and its exciting!!!  I'm joining a bunch of fun people at Tuesday Tag Along:
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Also, for the very first time, I'm joining 2nd Time Around Tuesday. This where you show off your second hand treasures that you have found at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales, etc...  If you are interested, please join here.  Diane is the hostess at A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Here we go:
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As you know, summer is around the corner and already  my garden is blooming.  We had very little snow this year and everything is popping up early.   We are doing some extensive renovations inside the home and it leaves me very little time to work in my garden Sunday, on Mother's Day, my husband and I went to a "brocanteur" (someone who sells second hand objects). Throughout the years I have bought so many beautiful antiques:  spinning wheel, armoires, tables, etc...I will post them up once my house is back in order.  My house is really full of these beautiful antiques and there is not much room left.   Sadly, I have had to put some in the basement. I  have now focused my attention on my garden (while there is still room).  My latest passion are tin buckets usually made of zinc.  This is my latest acquisition:

Its so beautiful! (Well, you know what they say:  beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)  I especially love the round handles.  I was not expensive at all.  These containers make a beautiful addition to any garden.  I'm a bit fed up of buying expensive pottery to have them fall apart at the end of the summer.   These containers last forever. You can even leave them out all winter. My sore back likes that!!!  The more you knock them around the more weathered they appear, the better they look!    I like to plant herbs or flowers in these buckets.  Here are a few that I have grouped together:

It sort of looks cute and rustic does it not?  Here in Montréal, we usually have pretty cold weather in the winter.  What I love about these tin buckets is that they can withstand it all.  Actually, the older they are the better they look.  I usually keep some empty and others I fill with something different each year.  The ones that I use for planting I make sure that I use a liner because the metal can be very hot if placed in direct sunshine.  Here are 2 more types:

These 2 containers are quite wide so I tend to plant strawberries (that are usually eaten by the squirrels).  Strawberry plants can become invasive so I prefer to keep mine in a container.    Last year, I planted  ciboulette (chives and parsley).  I love those herbs!   It pops up each year, which is nice. You can decorate the containers with tag sticks of all kinds.  Just use your imagination. Its fun, cheap and simple!  Well, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun writing it!  


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  6. I love those buckets. And you are right about the round handles being great too.

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  16. I have lots of galvanized tin pieces in my yard including an old wash basin that I have made into a pond with a tin watering can pouring into it.

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