30 May 2010

What happened in YOUR birth year?

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I found this site where if you click your birth year it will detail everything of importance that happened especially the fact that your marvelous self was born that year.  I found out what movies were playing, what best sellers people were reading, what top songs were playing, what wars were being fought and of course that technology was non-existent during that decade.  It made me feel so ancient and it's  also a fact that my own kids keep reminding me of, everyday, without fail.  Did I ever do the same thing to my own parents?  If I did, I'm sorry! 
So go ahead click on it, you won't be disappointed....

Click right HERE to see what happened in YOUR birth year?

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  1. wow your blog...i got a lot of exploring to do here...thanks btw for stopping by my blog. happy sunday:)

  2. Thanks for the tip---(oohh the Mona Lisa just made "eyes" at me--how cute) I will check this out and then HIDE the results :) Have a great Memorial Day!

  3. I did a post last month on the highway of heroes.

  4. what a very fun post...
    so many interesting tidbits :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Great post. Wonderful pictures. Everytime I see that on the news I can't help but tear up.

  6. Super cute blog!!!

    Wow..they way you guys honor the fallen heroes is amazing!!

    Thanks for playing GTKY!

  7. It was great getting to know you better! :-)

  8. Hi Anne-Marie...

    Ohhh...what fun! I will be going to check out "The Year You Were Born" site after leaving my note! Eeeekss...I can only imagine what I'll find! Girlfriend, we didn't even have color television when I was born! Hehe! It really is hard to imagine just how much technology has advanced in just the last 50 yrs.

    I also really enjoyed reading and learning more about you...that was fun as well!!! Thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites this week, my friend...great post!!! And...thank you so much for leaving such a sweet note on my SF post today...sure did enjoy it!

    I'm glad that you shared with us how you honor your fallen soldiers in Canada...I didn't know! I think it's a wonderful and heartwarming tribute to those who have sacraficed so much for our freedom!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. I love random questions. I'm too sleepy to play along but I got a kick out of yours! I was a bit of a snooper too when I was younger...