31 May 2010

I saw red flames!

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I live in a small town...bordering Montreal.  I heard an unusual amount of sirens on this Friday evening. Then when I turned on the water to do the dishes (and make a jello salad for  tomorrow) I realized I hardly had any water pressure. I decided it was time to check out the situation because that fire had to be nearby to effect my water pressure. My daughter and I got on our bikes and went over a block from ours and sure enough there was a house fire down the street. Every entrance to the street was blocked off by flashing police vehicles. Nobody was home at the time of the fire, but the crazy thing is it was being shingled when the fire was discovered. The guys noticed an odor and then later noticed flames coming out a vent. Half the town stood around for an hour or so...Friday night excitement in a small town. Shortly after coming home it rained hard for about 10 minutes. I hope the rain helped extinguish the fire.
As I watched those flames and pieces of the roof fall to the ground I couldn't help but think of the family and what they are losing this evening. I know its only "stuff"...but it's all their "stuff". One of the benefits of living in a small town is that everybody pulls together and helps their neighbors. I've witnessed this many times. I'm going to bed tonight thankful for having my home, a bed to sleep in, and all my "stuff" that stresses me out. (Although, bed is going to have to wait because I'm waiting for the jello to congeal so I can add the fruit.)
If you could save one personal possession from your burning house what would it be? I bet most people say pictures...and in my case my laptop (that's where my pictures are).


  1. I'd say, important documents (I am an immigrant so I need them lol).

    Will pray for your neighbor who lost their "stuff".

    Honoring my Men on Memorial Day

  2. I would grab the guinea pig and then the laptop.

  3. Those are one cute red item. sorry about your neighbor,I hope that they only lost material things and that everyone is alright. :)

  4. When I was a kid, I used to have nightmares about losing my home to fire. I can't imagine. Stuff is important - sometimes an old photo can mean more than 50 shirts. I'm sorry for the family's pain.

  5. dear anne-marie, thank you for your kind comments at my blog,
    you have a lovely blog and when i saw the fire hydrant before reading the story, i thought it was just a dandy ruby tuesday picture.
    i feel bad for the family and i hope that they are all safe and that they do not lose ALL their stuff.
    a few months ago if i had to save one thing from a burning house, it surely would of been our cat but we lost him in december and so what i would have to save is my old photo albums because i have not scanned all the pictures yet..the golden family history!
    anne-marie, you should buy yourself a few external hard drives to save all those pictures you have in you lap top.
    oh the sadness of it all that even without having a fire, your computer crashes and you lose all those priceless treasures!!!
    i will be praying for that dear family...love terry[teresa]from southern ontaril eleven miles from the falls.


  6. What a sad story!

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  8. Following you via TTA! I am going to agree with you and say that I'd save my laptop. It's got pics and all kinds of other important stuff on it. We are assuming possessions besides children, right? :)

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  9. Happy Tuesday Tag-Along. I think it would be my computer as well, so much info we have on them :) now to just go back and digitize all my photos! That would be good planning.
    I'm following.
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  10. Thank you so much for the kind comment on my post! I'm following you now, what a gorgeous blog! I'm off to explore it now :)

  11. Bonjour! I'm half-Canadian, and my mother was born in Montreal ... how could I not follow your adventures??? Found you through the Tuesday Tag-Along ... :)


  12. It's always so disheartening to know someone lost their treasures of life in a house fire.

    Your hydrant is red...around here, they're yellow.

    My Ruby Tuesday is RED ROSES for a Blue Gent!! I do hope you can drop in for a visit; if you have the time.

  13. Hi Anne-Marie. That was a good description of small-town living anywhere! Everybody knows what's going on but everybody is there to help when needed as well. I;m sure the people who owned the home are getting the help they need from all of you neighbors.

  14. Wow - that's so frightening! We do need to be grateful for what we have, you never know...
    I'm glad that the family lives in your friendly neighborhood, and won't have to manage alone!

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    btw, i'm afraid of the fire, because it brings tragedy...


  16. I would say, our pets. What a sad story!

    Thank you for your sweet comment you left in my blog.

    Have a nice day always.

  17. :( I once had a house fire and lost everything. Terrible!

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  18. Hi Anne-Marie ~~ That is the prettiest fire hydrant picture I have seen. I have several on my blog but I don't think any are red.
    That is sad for a family to lose all of their stuff. And in a small town there will be a lot of help, you are right.
    We lost most of our stuff to a flood in 1979 when tropical storm Claudette dumped 24 inches of rain on us. Our pictures were lost.
    Trouble was that people couldn't put things up high enough. Chair high isn't enough when the water is three feet inside the house.
    Our town people were very nice to us.
    We have visited Canada several times, including The Butchart Gardens. They are beautiful!
    On August 27 we will return to Montreal for the second time. Mrs. Jim bid on three (luxurious) nights from 'Luxury Link' and was the hight bidder. We will be staying at the Château Vaudreuil in Vaudreuil.
    We also plan to run up to Quebec City for our initial visit there.

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  20. Now this is the color I used to know for water hydrant ^_^. Happy Tuesday!

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  21. If we're not counting people and pets, I'd say my external hard drive. That's where all my pictures and documents are. It's right next to my fire safe that has important paperwork in it, so I'd probably grab that too, although that's being a big rule breaker, isn't it? ;)

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  24. I have two lock boxes with all important papers in them
    I would grab that and the laptop

    pretty fire hydrant

    I'm so sorry about your neighbors!

    thanks for being my 100th follower :)

  25. When the red rooster (the fire) crows, one has but a few minutes to decide what to save. Often one must be happy just to save one's life.
    I live in an old house, with but little of value for other than my family.
    Pictures and papers of identification are basics, and then there are all those little things; our books, handicraft my mother, grandmother and daughter have made me. My Bibles of course, with notifications from when I was fourteen.
    We are richer when we know, but only in things that cannot even be sold on e-bay.
    God save us all from all evil.

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  27. Love this very clear red image and the story that went with it. Living where l do in London, l hear so many sirens of one sort or another, l heardly notice them!!x sorry thought really when l think about it!!lynda
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  28. First things first, yell at the lads, very loudly! After that, it would be the hamster and the pictures (which means albums and the PC - hmmm,could be a struggle!)

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  30. 2 years ago the house across the street from us got hit by lightening. Frightening to watch how quickly those flames took over. Thankfully everyone got out okaY!

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  31. I once was woken up by a neighbor's house burning. It was very scary! The thing that woke me was their sliding glass door exploding. I could see the back of their house from my bedroom window and it was just such a moment of realization of treasures lost and rebuilding needing done. :(

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  33. So sad to lose things to fire. I think I'd try to grab my pictures - of course we always carry those memories with us but I'd sure hate to lose the kids' photos.

  34. Anne-Marie, if you get a chance send me an email

  35. amazing story thanks for sharing. i wish i lived in a small town like that. i hope that family is okay.

  36. Fire hits home - I have a friend who lost her daughter in a fire last winter. :(

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  38. I would grab scrapbooks and pets......fires are so scary......
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  40. Hi Anne-Marie!

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  41. So sorry to hear about your neighbor. Such a horrible thing to witness and the feeling of loss is never easy. So glad no one was hurt and it was just their stuff... although I know, those things really do hold many memories. Hmmm if I could grab one thing (besides my dog and cat) I'd say the laptop as well. All my memories are on it also.

    Times like this really do make us realize everything that we should be thankful for, because it can be so easily lost.

    Take care and best wishes to your neighbor. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.


  42. I would probably want my laptop too but I also have my stuff backed up on my memory stick. So yes, then it would be pictures.

  43. Bonjour Anne-Marie,
    Je pense que j'apporterais (sp?) mes photos...

    Sorry to read about the neighbors with the fire. That's so scary. My mother lost almost everything in a fire in November 2007.

    Merci de votre visite a mon blog.

    J'espere que vous allez revenir.